Terjemahan dari avert
prevent, avoid, stop, avert, forestall, stave off
ward, prevent, avert
avoid, spare, avert, preclude, obviate, waive
memalingkan muka
memalingkan pandang
Definisi avert
turn away (one’s eyes or thoughts).
she averted her eyes during the more violent scenes
sinonim: turn aside, turn away
prevent or ward off (an undesirable occurrence).
talks failed to avert a rail strike
sinonim: prevent, avoid, stave off, ward off, forestall, preclude
  • turn aside, turn away
  • prevent, avoid, stave off, ward off, forestall, preclude
  • turn away
  • forefend, head off, forfend, ward off, obviate, stave off, deflect, debar, fend off, avoid
Lebih sedikit sinonim
Inflation fighting and the need to cut government spending will end – to be replaced by trying to avertrecession and deflation.
I did, however, do my part to try to avert the disaster that ended about five years later in divorce.
They don’t make for pretty reading and some of you may wish to avert your eyes now.
talks failed to avert a rail strike
We have to avert our eyes from the bombs and fires once in a while to look at the other images of this war.
While walking, I instinctively keep my gaze low and avert my eyes from those of men.
Dogs are intelligent enough to stay in the shade and avert their eyes from the sun.
After such a demoralizing outing, it would have taken a miracle to avert a catastrophe.
The Cell would also help avert accidental deaths and disabling injuries by providing proper first aid.
A vigilant driver managed to stop the locomotive and avert a major disaster.
talks failed to avert a rail strike
Can Africa mount a prevention campaign successful enough to avert an epidemic of Western proportions?
Shara saw Deidre try to avert her eyes, but was drawn to the now complete tattoo.
I have to avert my eyes after more than a few minutes of Walt Disney.
Yet just as it seemed that disaster was averted another major problem started.
She averted her eyes, shifting her gaze to her feet in an attempt to avoid the mischievous curl of his lips.
The Foreign Ministry explained the move as a protective measure aimed at averting any failure of the privatisation procedure.
I averted my eyes from the television, trying desperately to distract myself.
The far-fetched, last minute intervention, presumably by the hand of God, that averts tragedy from striking the family sits uncomfortably with the raw realism of the rest of the picture.
The crowd of people gathered in the area cheered, and the incident ended in averting the man’s death wish.
It doesn’t help matters that the film features inadequate performances that mostly consist of actorsaverting their eyes and shifting in their seats.
Now she was the one who couldn’t bear to look at him – averting her eyes, she pretended the stick shift fascinated her.
Hard and social science will of course progress even though the Supreme Court averts its eyes.
I remember reading years ago that if you cannot help someone in the midst of a crisis you can at least offer your respect for their strength by not averting your eyes from their struggle.
Why, only last week I was involved in a little incident, but I kept my cool and averted disaster.
Although still traumatized and in counselling, she is now back in Russia where she shares her experience with other women in the hope of averting the same experience for them.
Two weeks later, passengers on another Greyhound bus were credited with averting disaster in Utah after they helped thwart an alleged hijacker.
I’d expect to be averting my eyes from a commercial that had children playing adults in a role-reversal scenario.
They found, not surprisingly, that averting a major catastrophe would not be easy.
Within a month of my accepting that position, I was out there with the best of them covering my face to the eyes to hide the gaze of men, averting my eyes, and wearing chadori for trips to rural areas.



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