Terjemahan dari rafter
rafter, joist
rafter, joist
tukang pengangkut rakit
rafter, raftsman
memasang kasau
memasang kasok
Definisi rafter
one of several internal beams extending from the eaves to the peak of a roof and constituting its framework.
Secure the rafters with two nails driven through each side of the rafters and into each of the double beams.
a person who travels on a raft.
Angela, a whitewater rafter , skydiver and the family’s risk-taker was intrigued by the idea.
  • raftsman, raftman
  • baulk, balk
As a kayaker and rafter , Angelo has descended many of the world’s longest rivers such as the Nile, Yangtze, Amazon, and Mekong – and has paddled many of the biggest rapids on Earth.
He is an experienced whitewater rafter and one of the best big water oar boaters in the world.
Part of the reason the Coast Guard couldn’t find the rafter is its crews’ information-gathering tools are still binoculars, a map and radar.
Angela, a whitewater rafter , skydiver and the family’s risk-taker was intrigued by the idea.
This one looked like a room in an ancient fortress; the floor and walls were large blocks of stone, with crude heavy rafters above.
Most of it is the same Colorado River water that rafters bounce on and environmentalists hope to undam upstream.
We used the hints of Monterey style shown in the exposed rafters , porch posts, and white stucco walls as cues for our design.
We need an access point to the river for drift-boaters, for canoers, for rafters .
Instead of using large rafters to support the roof, a building tradition that is hundreds if not thousands of years old, home builders began to use roof trusses.
As the rat scurries along the rafters and through the thatched roofs of 14th Century England the infected fleas would drop down off their backs onto the humans below.
Those who want to meet with their fellow rafters in the evening to discuss the day’s activities are invited to a barbecue.
She followed the cat into the barn, where the light was dim and the cool air smelled of hay and things wild hanging from rafters and hiding in corners.
Secure the rafters with two nails driven through each side of the rafters and into each of the double beams.
It is not about the river as a recreation area for kayakers and rafters .
The full horror of the disaster hit home when one of the rescued rafters – a attorney who had spent a whole night clinging to a rock in the river – broke down when he was told of the toll.
There’s a lot of water pumping through the Fitzroy River at the moment and for a team of whitewaterrafters that makes for exciting conditions.
Two days later, they finished the rafters , and in another two days they had a roof again.
It was not exactly a risky position, my only danger was being mashed by fellow rafters as they banked right, or so I believed.
You need to be sure these new boards attached to the rafters all come out to exactly the same level, because you need to attach your finishing material to an even surface.
The first judge on the case had a potential conflict of interest as he was also a leading figure in the state fishing association, which had long objected to rafters being on the river.
As the rafters supporting the floor above were near this beam, which had to be removed, that portion of the second floor had to be propped by the firemen.
I suppose many of the actors had to be expert white-water rafters as well, but the fact remains – the film would be better if they didn’t speak.
Passengers on nearly every trip are treated to views of kayakers and rafters piloting the North Fork of the Payette, one of Idaho’s best whitewater rivers.
The other rafters and kayakers came back in the afternoon and they all reported that they had had a fabulous time at their respective water sports.
Nail up a set of reference strings on the rafters that protrude the most into the attic.
The taller one spoke next, breaking the silence with his voice echoing throughout the metallic raftershigh above them.
Riding those rapids over the past two weeks has been a team of professional white water rafters & river guides.
Today, it is the outdoor activity capital of southern Utah, and mountains around it echo with whooping base jumpers, spluttering river rafters and the squeal of tortured mountain bikes.
To make the room feel airy they raised the ceiling to a 12-foot peak and exposed the rafters , then painted the walls and trim white.
The strands were tucked between the rafters of the roof inside the hut



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