Terjemahan dari hellish
evil, bad, wicked, malicious, sinister, hellish
cruel, ruthless, vicious, brutal, harsh, hellish
Definisi hellish
of or like hell.
an unearthly, hellish landscape
sinonim: infernal, Hadean, chthonic, diabolical, fiendish, satanic, demonic, evil, wicked
extremely (used for emphasis).
it was hellish expensive
  • infernal, Hadean, chthonic, diabolical, fiendish, satanic, demonic, evil, wicked
  • horrible, rotten, awful, terrible, dreadful, ghastly, horrid, vile, foul, appalling, atrocious,horrendous, frightful, difficult, unpleasant, nasty, disagreeable, stressful, taxing, tough, hard,frustrating, fraught, traumatic, grueling, murderous, lousy, beastly, hellacious
  • unholy, diabolical, demonic, satanic, diabolic, fiendish, infernal
  • god-awful, beastly
Lebih sedikit sinonim
The air he inhaled transformed into a hellish inferno, scorching his lungs.
A fireworks explosion set off a huge blaze in central Lima late on Saturday, killing at least 240 people and turning a busy shopping street into a hellish scene.
Nearby rock vaporized instantly with explosive force, creating a hellish chamber of radiation and overwhelming pressure several hundred yards in diameter.
A hellish landscape of fire, smoke and death formed a backdrop for a bunch of kids a long way from home who were just doing their job.
It seemed to stretch on for miles, going slightly uphill into a long corner then heading up, and away to whatever hellish dimension existed as the faeries’ foul home.
We know that there are many beings in the world today living in hellish states and suffering terribly every moment of their lives.
The answer came as the wickedly bitter temperatures turned the freezing rain into a hellish mix of snow and hail.
She was lost in a horrible, hellish world, and the only person she could trust right now was Zach.
Come to think of it, there could hardly be a better theme for Rome than heaven and hell – it’s a city of heavenly buildings, art and ancient ruins, but it suffers from hellish traffic and endless crowds.
But, in the immediate aftermath of this hellish disaster, I don’t know how long the American reporters are going to stay or how long the Arab reporters are going to stay.
It’s always been done this way, it would be hellish complicated to make a change and, besides, the only people who can make the decision have a vested interest in the status quo.
I know these people are hellish to deal with, but have you stressed to them that letting their dog run free is against the law rather than just being a nuisance to you?
And as they will attest, once information is out there it’s hellish tricky to take it back.
Several blinding nuclear blasts ensued, covering the rock with dust and flame in a hellish inferno.
It is difficult to see how you can imagine anything more hellish than the idea that the world is already a cruel, dystopic nightmare.
Shocking, infernal, hellish , unendingly nasty – it’s all sounding more and more like my last vacation in Paris.
The horse is a hefty great beast at 17.1 hands and hellish strong.
He describes their hellish home of hidden evil upon evil, windy wolf-dens, cliffs, and skies of dark air and black rain.
If you’ve ever seen a more terrifying beard than this, then you are most certainly a liar, because there is no beard more frightening than this hellish monstrosity.
And just what are we looking for in this hellish landscape?
They marched all day, passing through a hellish , wrecked landscape.
A good short story is hellish hard to write, so you can agonize over them, but most of the time I’m done with the first draft in a week.
The Dutch have never forgotten how desperately they fought during eight hellish days, and the veterans can never forget the kindness and generosity of the people who shared what little food they had, and tended their wounds.
The firelight flickered over the daemon’s armor, giving him an extremely hellish quality.
The wind increased blow harder and harder in a hellish gale that never seemed to cease.
They emerged on stage bathed in a hellish red glow and launched into a set astonishing in its ferociousness and intensity.
It arrived in the mail a few weeks later, and I opened it up only to receive a hellish , ghastly, devastating shock.
Overhead, a blinding red pulse burned bright before hurtling into the wall and bringing down rocks and fire in a hellish burst of light and sound and crushing pressure.
In time, the hellish landscape of the high South lost its fearful interest for Adriana and became monotonous, a distance to be covered with a minimum of pain.
Then the Devil suddenly turned and looked straight in our direction and pointed right at us and started laughing a ghastly hellish devil laugh.



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