Terjemahan dari comfortably
dgn senang
pleasantly, comfortably
Sinonim comfortably
Terjemahan dari comfortable
good, tasty, delicious, nice, comfortable, well
happy, pleased, glad, good, nice, comfortable
enough, sufficient, adequate, ample, fair, comfortable
good, tolerable, decent, sizable, middling, comfortable
comfortable, comfy, appropriate
enjoyable, cozy, comfortable, comfy, cosy
sound, comfy, comfortable, profound, wakeless
comfortable, comfy, sound asleep
yg menyenangkan
likable, sightly, pleasant, likeable, pleasing, comfortable
sejuk hati
happy, comfortable, comfy
comfy, comfortable
Definisi comfortable
(especially of clothes or furnishings) providing physical ease and relaxation.
invitingly comfortable beds
sinonim: cozy, snug, warm, pleasant, agreeable, restful, homelike, homely, comfy
as large as is needed or wanted.
a comfortable income
a warm quilt.
  • pleasant, free from hardship, affluent, well-to-do, luxurious, opulent
  • cozy, snug, warm, pleasant, agreeable, restful, homelike, homely, comfy
  • loose, loose-fitting, casual, comfy
  • leisurely, unhurried, relaxed, easy, gentle, sedate, undemanding, slow, laid-back
  • at ease, relaxed, secure, safe, unworried, contented, happy
  • well-off, well-to-do, well-situated, well-fixed, easy, prosperous, well-heeled
  • comfy
Lebih sedikit sinonim
The guy in question works for a New York tabloid, making a comfortable living and aspiring to little else.
Obviously there are terminal patients who are comfortable and want to make the best of their final years, so fair play to them.
You’re only comfortable when there are people around who you think you can impress, and it takes a damn sight more than your tired old rackets to impress this bunch.
Relaxing colours have been used and waiting areas have been furnished with comfortable sofas.
He kept wanting to go to sleep, so I just made sure I kept talking to him and that he was comfortable .
It is not highly stratified economically; most people have a similarly comfortable standard of living.
She brought in some favorite furnishings, including a comfortable couch covered with snowy white fabric.
I am glad you and your husband make a comfortable living at a ski resort.
These funds and Social Security payments provide them with a comfortable monthly income.
When the money was counted the following day, the organisers realised that the total had exceeded £10,000 by a comfortable margin.
His wife suffered serious injuries and is comfortable in York District Hospital.
To make ‘a comfortable living’, you have to write two to three books a year.
I have had requests for morphine from hospice staff when the patient seems quite comfortable and in no distress.
Patients were much more comfortable and recovered faster after disc replacement than after fusion.
He had in the mean time found a wife for himself after settling in life with a comfortable income leaving his past far, far behind.
It’s just not something with which most people are comfortable .
Not only chairs, but comfortable sofas await those who climb aloft.
She wore simple cotton garb, loose, comfortable clothes perfect for the morning’s work.
School staff administered first aid at the scene, but paramedics soon arrived to make Greg morecomfortable and give him pain relief.
Standards of living can be very comfortable for those who can get good jobs.
The injured woman is his daughter and is said to be comfortable in hospital today.
Many women find that, to varying degrees, most people are not comfortable discussing loss.
He said he hopes to make a comfortable living from acting – that’s his burning ambition.
Wear comfortable clothing and shoes and leave that winter coat in the car.
After dinner, they retired to the family room, which housed a large piano and a comfortable sofa and chairs.
There is no influence so depoliticising as a comfortable income.
The baby seemed to study Jane, and Jane was not comfortable under the steady, serious-looking gaze.
Trudging to my own room, I quickly changed into much more comfortable clothes, and then plopped down my bed.
He could mix it physically in games if needed but he was most comfortable when given the space and capacity to show his full range of passes and sublime skills.
But a strong second half display saw the home side pull well clear and emerge comfortable victors at the end.



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