Terjemahan dari hammer
hammer, gavel, helve hammer, helve, blow
hammer, mallet, gavel
beater, hammer, mallet, swipe, bludgeon
hammer, play a percussion instrument
hit, beat, smack, strike, knock, hammer
lick, smite, beat, hit, knock, hammer
hit, pound, strike, beat, bang, hammer
Definisi hammer
a tool with a heavy metal head mounted at right angles at the end of a handle, used for jobs such as breaking things and driving in nails.
Grip pressure should be firm but not tight – about the way you would grip a hammer ‘s handle while driving nails.
sinonim: mallet, beetle, gavel, sledgehammer, jackhammer
a metal ball, typically weighing 16 pounds (7.3 kg), attached to a wire for throwing in an athletic contest.
And what about if the hockey was taking place on the same field that they were throwing the hammer and javelin.
hit or beat (something) with a hammer or similar object.
they are made by heating and hammering pieces of iron
sinonim: beat, forge, shape, form, mold, fashion, make
attack or criticize forcefully and relentlessly.
he got hammered for an honest mistake
  • mallet, beetle, gavel, sledgehammer, jackhammer
  • hammering, pound, pounding
  • power hammer
  • malleus
  • cock
  • mallet
  • beat, forge, shape, form, mold, fashion, make
  • batter, pummel, beat, bang, pound, strike, hit, knock on, thump on, cudgel, bludgeon, club,bash, wallop, clobber, whack, thwack
  • work hard at, labor at, slog away at, plod away at, grind away at, slave away at, work like a dog on, put one’s nose to the grindstone for, persist with, persevere with, press on with, stick at, plug away at, work one’s tail off on/for, soldier on with
  • drum into, instill in, inculcate into, knock into, drive into, drive home to, impress upon, ingrain into
  • forge
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The City of Glasgow athlete has thrown 55.10m in the hammer this season – well over the qualification mark for the World Juniors.
The findings are drawn from examination of the hammer , anvil and stirrup bones in the ears of Homo heidelbergensis fossils, also known as Boxgrove Man.
The SFS adds a mechanical hammer block to prevent the hammer from hitting the firing pin unless the trigger is pulled.
It seemed harsh to hammer him for following what must have been an agreed policy and harsher still when he was forced to play on the retreat all afternoon.
Aidan Kelly scored top points when finishing in 1st place in the hammer with a throw of 36.24.
In the under-17 events, James Nagle won gold in the hammer and shot putt contests.
We are very strong here in Sligo on the track, but quite weak in some field events such as pole vault, high jump and hammer .
Health professionals are mobilising to condemn the government, propose major structural reforms, andhammer the ineffectual minister.
If all you have in your home is a broken screwdriver, a hammer without a handle, and one wrench you hope will happen to fit whatever bolt you encounter, you need some help.
It wasn’t until early last fall that I actually pulled it out of the plastic tub that houses my hammer , nails, and other unused tools.
In addition to Mike’s skill and knowledge on the golf course, he’s pretty handy with a hammer and nails and has quite a selection of tools in the garage.
The drum vibrates with the sound and rattles three small bones: the hammer , anvil and stirrup.
Use a hammer and nail set to drive them below the surface.
they must hammer away at these twin themes day after day
To drill through the tile you will need a hammer , a nail set, an electric drill and a masonry bit a little larger than the diameter of the screws you use.
The idea that the Welsh should support England at football when they hammer us at rugby is unacceptable.
The safety also blocks the hammer from contact with the firing pin.
A hydraulic hammer is basically a hydraulically powered reciprocating piston inside of a body.
There is also a track surface to provide a run-up for the javelin meaning the only disciplines the facility cannot currently play host to is the hammer and pole vault.
I also need a hammer and nails, picture hooks and the step ladder.
Before I knew it my arm flew up, the auctioneer banged the hammer down and she was mine!
He got five years for the fraud that never happened, and the system seemed eager to hammer him.
Use a hammer and nail set or an electric drill with countersink bit to join the frame pieces.
It is an Olympic sport, like rifle shooting, and throwing the hammer or the discus.
Before you hit your sales reps with a lot of questions or break out the hammer and nails to begin building displays, do an assessment of your shop.
And what about if the hockey was taking place on the same field that they were throwing the hammerand javelin.
This slim fast-talking man is a whiz with an auction hammer .
For Skyrac AC Nicola Jackson threw the hammer 39.22m for sixth place.
A auctioneer lowers his hammer as a painting believed to be a work by Vincent Van Gogh is sold for US $550,000 in Tokyo yesterday.
Most of the project requires basic wood-working tools – a circular saw, a saber saw, an electric drill, ahammer , and a nail set.
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