Terjemahan dari guzzle
membuang waktu
dawdle, guzzle, goof off, fritter away, loaf, fart
minum dgn rakus
swipe, guzzle
minum dgn lahap
swipe, guzzle
makan dgn rakus
gobble, gorge, wolf, engorge, gulf, guzzle
makan dgn lahap
engorge, mop up, cram, gorge, wolf, guzzle
minuman keras
liquor, booze, alcohol, liqueur, drink, guzzle
Definisi guzzle
eat or drink (something) greedily.
we guzzle our beer and devour our pizza
sinonim: gulp down, swallow, quaff, down, swill, knock back, swig, slug
gulp down, swallow, quaff, down, swill, knock back, swig, slug
we guzzle our beer and devour our pizza
I gulp and quickly guzzle the contents of my glass, for a moment not caring that the contents may have contained alcohol.
he would guzzle his ale
She quickly handed out their drinks and watched them guzzle them down, in public they would never attempt to get away with such a thing.
A key attraction of hybrids, with oil prices averaging around US $50 a barrel, is that they sip gas rather than guzzle it.
About a mile on, where the beach runs out, the Greeks gather in a taverna to guzzle spit-roasted pork washed down with local beer.
I was tempted by one of the specials, braised pigeon, but the thought of all those plump pigeons in York’s Parliament Street guzzling titbits of junk food from tourists put me off.
Though there’s no real scientific way of proving it, I’m convinced I warded off an attack of the flu byguzzling several pints of miso soup last spring.
However, drinking tea requires elegance, not like guzzling beer.
One describes how ill he felt when he mistook a large vat of gasoline for raspberry juice, guzzling the entire thing before making the realization.
Last year, we guzzled our way through 440m litres of soft drinks, which works out at an average of one 330 ml can of fizzy drink per day for every person in the country.
In retaliation I have just eaten a curry and I am now in the process of guzzling a large quantity of beer, that should beat it into submission.
This international gathering of water guzzlers humbles him.
This salt-tolerant, fire-resistant, drought-hardy water guzzler was imported in the 1800s to help hold stream and river banks in place.
The stereotype of the fat-cat golfer guzzling a beer and smoking a cigar is going up in flames as the next generation of the sport’s athletes take their training to a new level.
And let me tell you, this is an event for the guzzler and gourmet alike.
Young guzzlers enjoying themselves at the International Beer Festival organized at the German House in New Delhi on Sunday.
But if you see someone guzzling a sports or fruit drink, it is most likely because they’re parched.
Salt Lake earns glowing reviews these days from dog lovers, vegetarians, bookstore browsers, microbrew guzzlers , and especially recreationists.
Washington state campground officials find a bear passed out in the common area and discover that it had guzzled three dozen cans of beer.
I seated myself across from him and watched as he guzzled it all down.
Not being much of a beer guzzler I am always on the lookout for those entertainment spots that cater for the broad spectrum.
Agriculture uses over 70 per cent of water, industrial use is growing and cities are becoming big waterguzzlers .
For the first time New Zealand has got its pink act together and made a range of food-friendly wines with attitude rather than the wan wee guzzlers of the recent past.
Taking out a beer, he popped it open and guzzled it down in one large gulp.
These include wind power and fuel cells, which could one day replace the oil that we put into our much-loved oil guzzlers .
I saw one guy guzzling a bottle of beer, another puffing happily on a joint.
Not that I’ve any issue with gaining the odd pound or two but since I’m guzzling beer and eating chips and chocolate all the time I guess things could only get worse.
An enticing offer for guzzlers is that for every beer ordered, another one comes free.
He splashed some on his face and handed the container to Quinn, who also greedily guzzled the water down.



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