Terjemahan dari fiat
command, order, instruction, injunction, behest, fiat
approval, consent, agreement, assent, accord, fiat
Definisi fiat
a formal authorization or proposition; a decree.
adopting a legislative review program, rather than trying to regulate by fiat
sinonim: decree, edict, order, command, commandment, injunction, proclamation, mandate, dictum, diktat
  • decree, edict, order, command, commandment, injunction, proclamation, mandate, dictum,diktat
  • order, edict, decree, rescript
It was created virtually by dictatorial fiat and remains in existence by virtual dictatorial fiat.
In the United States, emergency room service works by queuing, the allocation of scarce vaccine is by bureaucratic fiat .
Advani’s appointment as negotiator with the APHC, a source present at the meeting said, was presented as a fiat , and was not the outcome of discussion.
Then, the court heard that lawyer Alberton Richelieu had applied for a fiat to prosecute the matter.
the reforms left most prices fixed by government fiat
adopting a legislative review program, rather than trying to regulate by fiat
The Attorney-General has granted a fiat in order for them to have standing.
the appraisal dropped the value from $75,000 to $15,000, rendering it worthless by bureaucratic fiat
He is more than merely comfortable with liberalism’s preference for achieving its aims through judicialfiats rather than political persuasion – by litigation rather than legislation.
In McBain the history of the grant of fiats by the federal Attorney-General was referred to.
It won’t follow a list of fiats from government or a proclamation from computer modelers.
There is omnipresent resentment at their presence in the classroom, mess halls, in the evaluation process, assignment of research topics, and not least, administrative fiats .
For the Democrats, the only ‘democratic’ measures are judicial fiats and filibusters.
We have just gone along with assumptions that the English law on fiats is picked up by our Constitution, but ours is a very special and different Constitution with a Chapter III that the English never had to deal with.
A shadow government has emerged, which issues executive fiats undermining constitutional guarantees of privacy, due process and free speech.
Seeking judicial fiats for same-sex unions short-circuits the debate that is the responsibility of legislative bodies.
That drive was undone by the ballot box, but it is unfortunately the case that bureaucratic ordinances are usually more permanent than ministerial fiats .
Renewal must come to the culture through the heart, not through random fiats and the grandstanding of pols.
It has not challenged, for example, the Administration’s cutbacks in protections for the environment and for worker safety, even though those executive fiats skirt established laws.
As the Law Reform Commission report records, there was some research into the number of fiats granted and there are a regular number of fiats .
Executive fiats and judicial indifference are the hallmarks of a decaying democracy.
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