Terjemahan dari gleeful
happy, excited, glad, delighted, elated, gleeful
carefree, cheerful, exuberant, merry, jolly, gleeful
riang gembira
chirpy, joyous, effervescent, joyful, gleeful, sprightly
Definisi gleeful
exuberantly or triumphantly joyful.
she gave a gleeful chuckle
sinonim: delighted, pleased, joyful, happy, glad, overjoyed, elated, euphoric, amused, mirthful, merry, exuberant, jubilant, over the moon
  • delighted, pleased, joyful, happy, glad, overjoyed, elated, euphoric, amused, mirthful, merry,exuberant, jubilant, over the moon
  • elated, jubilant, joyful
I felt like a gleeful kid after a particularly lucrative Halloween expedition, and enacted the self-same rituals.
The idea was that the perennially gleeful blond would travel to Scotland to source scallops and langoustines.
Our curiosity was aroused by the gleeful squeals and ripples of bawdy laughter emanating from the crowd.
I feel like I have pulled one over on myself when I wasn’t looking and I am gleeful .
He then gave me a maliciously gleeful look and walked over to the wall again.
With a penetrable fourth wall, a spot of audience participation and plenty of gleeful nonsense, this is pantomime in all but dame.
She would spend hours in gleeful delight finding out new things.
Even the enthusiastic and gleeful performances can’t compensate for the utter lameness of it all.
Very gleeful when I think of it having to walk through all that dust!
Granted, the novel isn’t gleeful , but there’s enough levity to entertain the idea of lasting love.
It’s all there in plain sight, which is why the reporters are having such an easy, gleeful time digging it up.
They were ambling joyfully, jumping, excited by the huge gleeful crowd.
You can almost hear, watching their avidly gleeful faces, the exhortations of the stage manager to look more joyful.
The joyous screams, the gleeful yelps, and a happy, wagging tail added life to the peaceful, gentle beach.
Other displays mix genres and media with almost gleeful abandon.
Now we have some professionally gleeful all-purpose presenter.
The result is an intricate, gleeful conversation between eras, ideas and characters.
We collapsed with gleeful guffaws thinking it was our secret discovery and no way would our teacher know what we were on about.
You’ve run with the pack in a gleeful stomp right on top of him.
I was especially gleeful because she was my primary school best friend.
Look upwards and chances are you’ll see a house sparrow or two swooping gleefully around among the rafters.
Her face changed from gleefulness to shock as she saw the woman yelling for help.
But instead it contents itself with gleefully announcing that I am about to be ill.
Plus, she is just so adorable to watch with her gleefulness , her cute long ponytail, and her flailing arms when running.
We wanted him or her to let go, to reach a point of absolute gleefulness .
What seems to me to be the answer came to me this week from a reader who had a disruptive idea that I gleefully embellished.
Back to my state of merrily splashing around in the pool of gleefulness as if I were a happy five year old pretending to stomp grapes to make nonexistent wine in my kiddie pool.
Not to overlook the obvious, I will gleefully revisit this topic at the end of the month.
And they do another flight with all the same insane gleefulness .
Children gleefully travelled in the makeshift boat and merrily trotted on the bridge up and down.



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