Galvanize artinya  Menggembleng, atau membangkitkan atau mengajak seseorang untuk mengambil tindakan,

shock or excite (someone), typically into taking action.

galvanize juga bisa juga diterjemahkan jadi galvanisasi, artinya  melapisi besi atau baja dengan lapisan seng pelindung agar terlindung dari korosi.

coat (iron or steel) with a protective layer of zinc.

Frustration, disillusionment and above all a fear of the future began to galvanize people to write, question and think as they had not done before.

disillusionment artinya kekecewaan.

She could provide the required political leadership to galvanize her people, being the daughter of Indonesia’s founding father.

He is hoping that going public will galvanize his fellow citizens.

It was both a new vehicle to galvanize followers and operating there meant fewer logistical difficulties since it was close by.

As your job in the United Nations Humanitarian Agency, it’s your job to galvanize the people, to get their attention, to get them to take the money out of their pocket.

The tool that Lady Macbeth uses to galvanize her husband into action is humiliation.

Tales of ecological woe, no matter how well-founded in science, rarely galvanize people to action.

The desktop is galvanized sheet metal, a material that is handsome and weather-resistant.

This is a pretty unsexy thing to say and is unlikely to galvanize people in the way that a call more ‘strong leaders’ will, but I still think it is a more important aim.

All residential fittings are made from a die cast aluminum or steel that has been galvanized .

The purpose of galvanization is to protect the underlying metal from corrosion.

We feel certain that the campaign is helping to galvanize people into action.

A perceived injustice, however real, galvanizes him as much as anything that comes out of a bottle.

In order to achieve the best finish, the article should be designed to fit inside the galvanizing bath in a single dip.

Materials which slowly decompose at the temperature of the hot dip galvanizing bath are suitable as frothing agents.

Hot dip galvanization is a special technique of galvanization through dipping.

It is rarely possible for the galvanizer to minimise or control the development of dull grey coatings which is dependent basically on steel composition.

During galvanization, a coat of melted zinc is applied directly to the steel, protecting it from corrosion.

The extensively used galvanized steel is durable, economical, and virtually maintenance free.

As usual in this part of the country, roof coverings are galvanized corrugated steel.

The primary use of zinc is in galvanizing other metals, especially iron and steel.

Gutters on older homes may be wood, galvanized sheet metal, or copper.

When working with redwood, always use top quality, hot dipped galvanized, stainless steel or aluminum hardware.

The galvanized tubular steel pallet provides the necessary space for ventilation between the tanks and the ground.

In the long run, we pay an even heavier price by galvanizing opponents bent on freeing themselves from what they perceive as elitist disrespect for democratic governance.

Our medium-duty galvanized trash can is designed to provide years of reliable performance.

The unit is made of heavy galvanized metal and can stay submerged in a river or dam for long periods without any corrosion.

This galvanizer resists temperatures of 550°C, without degrading itself; this characteristic allows to the user any employment on body subjected to very strong temperatures.

Hot-dip galvanization gains more and more importance in the field of surface treatment methods.

Steel is galvanized , walls are fairfaced concrete block, and floors are concrete or asphalt.

  • jolt,
  • shock,
  • startle,
  • impel,
  • stir,
  • spur,
  • prod,
  • urge,
  • motivate,
  • stimulate,
  • electrify,
  • excite,
  • rouse,
  • arouse,
  • awaken,
  • invigorate,
  • fire,
  • animate,
  • vitalize,
  • energize,
  • exhilarate,
  • thrill,
  • catalyze,
  • inspire,
  • light a fire under,
  • give someone a shot in the arm
  • startle



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