Terjemahan dari mull
think, consider, reflect, dwell, contemplate, mull
consider, take into consideration, examine, allow, judge, mull
mull, dishevel, tangle, disorder, puzzle, perplex
tangle, disarrange, entangle, tousle, clutter, mull
think, consider, speculate, ponder, care, mull
clutter, tangle, plexus, snarl, convolution, mull
cape, headland, promontory, foreland, bluff, mull
Definisi Mull
humus formed under nonacid conditions.
Humus should be of the mull type – ranging from acidic to calcareous, or moder in podsol.
thin, soft, plain muslin, used in bookbinding for joining the spine of a book to its cover.
The point of the needle darts back and forth, teasing the weave of the fine muslin, mull or cotton.
think about (a fact, proposal, or request) deeply and at length.
she began to mull over the various possibilities
warm (a beverage, especially wine, beer, or cider) and add spices and sweetening to it.
a tankard of mulled ale
a large island of the Inner Hebrides; chief town, Tobermory.
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Sinonim mull
meditate, mull over, muse, ponder, ruminate, contemplate, chew over, excogitate, reflect,speculate, think over
Then I wanted to take a day to mull over it before saying anything.
If convicted, they’ll have plenty of time to mull over their sins.
She continued to mull over that thought for a short while before she was shaken from her thoughts by the sound of the door opening and someone else slipping out into the cold night air.
Dylan continued to mull over the songs, apparently concerned about the sound and about the overtly autobiographical nature of certain of the songs.
You can mull over your initial impressions, testing them against available evidence over the course of weeks, slowly coming to a conclusion.
There was no time for Kari to mull over the matter any longer, as the conversation continued and her thoughts got distracted.
We ended the conversation icily with my promise to mull over the other topics and to provide her with something in writing.
she began to mull over the various possibilities
Connecting cover boards to the mull , rather than directly to the signatures themselves, allows for a strong but flexible backbone.
Humus should be of the mull type – ranging from acidic to calcareous, or moder in podsol.
And I would have liked to mull over it a bit longer.
she began to mull over the various possibilities
The point of the needle darts back and forth, teasing the weave of the fine muslin, mull or cotton.
Those woods with brown forest soils maintained mull humus, probably by virtue of their mixed floristic composition.
Yet take a moment to mull over the following set of facts with me, if you will…
It is made of a fine mull that is not imported to this country in the piece, and there is a satisfaction in wearing only hand-made garments.
Of course, he now had the unfortunate opportunity to mull over the fact that very soon, if all went well, he would be more powerful than a king.
The Cabinet, along with the business and non-governmental sectors, is to mull over a new strategy for the promotion of investments.
However, he said the leadership run had not altered his own career plans, which he continues to mullover.
The foremost task is to mull over the raison d’être of your trip for this determines the destination, the monetary issues, accommodation etc. for your tour.
As you mull over the details of an enraging experience, you may think that you’re trying to get more information out of it – a new understanding of what happened.
Much to mull over as I consolidate the lessons I’ve learned about myself.
Allspice is often added to mulled wine as a sweet flavoring, which may be helpful for the digestion.
Some merchants depart from this charming tradition and just use it as an opportunity to sell random stuff, but I just ignore them and walk straight on to the mulled wine stand.
A servant came flying out with a horn of mulled wine wrapped in a cloth and passed it to him with nervous hands, careful not to look at him before he dashed away.
As it turned out, however, the cake itself is just a chocolate cake whose batter is similar to that of regular pound cake, and it is brushed with mulled wine after it has been baked.
The drink could really consist of nearly anything, as long as it had ale or sherry as a base, apples or cider, and mulled spices.
But are the proposals he is mulling really enough?
Have a stash of soft drinks chilled and, if the weather’s nippy, a mulled cider simmering in a slow-cooker.
When he worked at the Rainbow Room in New York, de Groff served mulled wine from a silver samovar.
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