Terjemahan dari gallant
dashing, handsome, gallant, strong, manly, stout
brave, bold, daring, courageous, audacious, gallant
gagah perkasa
gallant, burly
polite, courteous, decent, respectful, genteel, gallant
elegant, gallant
great, grand, glorious, majestic, noble, gallant
yg berhubung dgn cinta
beautiful, pretty, lovely, attractive, chic, gallant
nice, good, fine, beautiful, nifty, gallant
Definisi gallant
(of a person or their behavior) brave; heroic.
she had made gallant efforts to pull herself together
sinonim: brave, courageous, valiant, valorous, bold, plucky, daring, fearless, intrepid, heroic, lionhearted, stouthearted, doughty, mettlesome, dauntless, undaunted, unflinching, unafraid, gutsy, gutty, spunky, skookum
a man who pays special attention to women.
In the past, great love affairs often began with the judicious dropping of a glove and its recovery by a charming gallant .
(of a man) flirt with (a woman).
They have shot, fished, golfed and gallanted together.
1 definisi lain
  • brave, courageous, valiant, valorous, bold, plucky, daring, fearless, intrepid, heroic,lionhearted, stouthearted, doughty, mettlesome, dauntless, undaunted, unflinching, unafraid,gutsy, gutty, spunky, skookum
  • chivalrous, princely, gentlemanly, honorable, courteous, polite, mannerly, attentive, respectful,gracious, considerate, thoughtful
  • majestic, proud, lofty
  • knightly, chivalrous
  • dashing
  • squire
  • clotheshorse, beau, fop, sheik, swell, fashion plate, dandy, dude
Lebih sedikit sinonim
She’d be surprised if he hadn’t any, considering his more than handsome face and his gallant manners, however well the latter may be hidden to Em.
Before the time of greedy kings, gallant knights, and courtly love, there was a time when woodland creatures still roamed the earth.
They tell tales ranging from courtly romances full of gallant knights and maidens-in-distress to rude fabliaux telling of the perils of drink, fighting and lust!
For this gallant lady, the future would not be altered with simply a healthy diet.
Some strange man, gallant and handsome, was tucking her into bed, with the help of another person, apparently female.
The boy, though, was an accessory the gallant could ill afford.
In the past, great love affairs often began with the judicious dropping of a glove and its recovery by a charming gallant .
But it was so gallant of him and showed me some kindness in him where I’d never seen it that I let him without protest.
The games of love involve Florinda, who is destined to marry an old rich man or her brother’s friend, and Belville, a young gallant who rescues her and wins her heart.
Just when a draw seemed inevitable a break upfield saw the ball fall to Collingwood and he kept his cool under pressure to send over the winning points to give his side a win they just about deserved overgallant opponents.
Championed by one of China’s leading directors, it ran for a month and was enthusiastically received by all but the traditionalists who believed a play is not a play without a gallant hero completing some epic task.
The room was very gallant with pale yellow walls and a pink ceiling.
A tour of the Hermitage today includes the thrilling rags-to-riches story of a gallant frontiersman, chivalrous romantic, and political reformer.
Six and a half years into his premiership, after seven Queen’s speeches, umpteen reshuffles and relaunches, the New Labour Dreadnought is listing, its gallant captain beginning to look his 50 years.
While in the beginning the celebration may well indeed be about honouring the lives of the 30 gallantheroes that died on national duty, it may as well hit another highway in due course.
Congratulations to those gallant ladies who participated in the South Armagh Women’s Group Sit-Out last Friday night proceeds in Aid of Newry Hospice.
Though I’d like to think this gallant display was reserved especially for moi, it seems they give everybody the special treatment.
On the pitch two gallant teams went at it hammer and tongs while off it, their passionate supporters kept up an incessant cacophony, which will not, I’ll warrant, be equalled at the county final.
This was a game we should have won and the gallant loser badge doesn’t lessen the pain.
Then, you become even more gallant and chivalrous in order to appease them before they revolt.
Maybe you know the guy that says, with a gallant gleam in his eye, ‘I think women’s pro basketball is just a fine sport.’
He wondered how long he would have to continue playing gallant knight to these insipid, wilting females.
He was also very proud of the 1st April 1989 encounter, saying: ‘for the last time my gallant fighters defeated the enemy’.
I have never met a Christian who followed the parable of the Good Samaritan so literally as this gallantofficer.
Otherwise she would have known that I was neither gallant nor gentlemanly.
Here he once again proved that he was a brave and gallant soldier.
The life of this wrecked if gallant woman has become, not the cautionary tale it was in 1970, but an achievement to applaud.
Charles sighed in relief, and kissed Catherine in the most charming and gallant manner.
The total figure raised by these gallant ladies on their Sit Out Night in aid of Newry Hospice in December amounted to £2,700 and 1,700 euro.
And in any case, our gallant troops will now be fully occupied in cleaning up the neighbourhood.



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