Terjemahan dari extensive
comprehensive, spacious, extensive, wide, broad, vast
wide, broad, large, extensive, full
long, lengthy, extensive, great, full-length
panjang lebar
lengthy, elaborate, extensive, detailed, wordy, prolix
extensive, vast
vast, extensive
Definisi extensive
covering or affecting a large area.
an extensive garden
sinonim: large, large-scale, sizable, substantial, considerable, ample, expansive, great, vast
(of agriculture) obtaining a relatively small crop from a large area with a minimum of attention and expense.
extensive farming techniques
  • large, large-scale, sizable, substantial, considerable, ample, expansive, great, vast
  • comprehensive, thorough, exhaustive, broad, wide, wide-ranging, catholic, eclectic
  • blanket, broad, across-the-board, panoptic, wide, encompassing, all-encompassing, all-embracing, all-inclusive
  • extended
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McClements also boasts an extensive wine list to complement the imaginative menus.
Windy Hill Park on the estate is also set to be revamped with a new play area and extensive tidying in the coming months.
They carried out an extensive search of the area but nothing was found.
Viticulture is most extensive in the Rhine and Mosel valleys in west Germany and is an important export industry.
This can hardly be called extensive given the area that New Malden covers.
Such an extensive collection surely implies an element of forethought.
The public toilets will also be given an extensive facelift and the whole site resurfaced with bay markings.
The second bedroom features a door to the garden and extensive built-in wardrobes.
After a walk round the extensive gardens and lake, the group adjourned to Lullingstone for lunch.
After a look at his extensive collection of trophies, it is easier to understand the decision.
He became President under a revised Constitution which gave him extensive powers.
The garden, quite extensive at that, had sported an abandoned look for a long time.
Will the drive for more extensive systems in farming lead to greater problems?
There’s nowhere else in the world you could see such an extensive and amazing collection of modern art.
After many years of extensive research into this area I have also reached the same conclusion.
Rosie has also had extensive involvement with the Catholic Church and school activities.
One of the strengths of our agriculture is that we’re extensive .
The REPS scheme should be ideally suited to the more extensive type of farming in island areas.
Kumaratunga is increasingly relying on her extensive executive powers as president.
This, coupled with its extensive gardens, should be of interest to growing families.
Up at the top, the path widens out to reveal a large country house set in extensive gardens.
Similarly, local hopes voiced in the consultation for extensive green areas are set to be disappointed.
With such extensive legal power already in the hands of the government, why do we need to make things worse?
We wandered the extensive gardens of the home together and came to a steep grassy bank.
All this plus extensive hilltop gardens with cross-London views, and it’s all free.
Secondly, at the time of the Mayans there was no extensive agriculture in Venezuela.
If at first you don’t succeed then institute an extensive and wideranging review of your systems and processes.
The Barron Hall, a listed building is an asset to the area which needs extensive repairs.
This is a fantastic walk on a broad ridge giving extensive views of the surrounding area and all above 2,000 feet.
Outside, the delightful wooded gardens have extensive river frontage and a sunny aspect.
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