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It was not difficult for the local population to differentiate between these constructive efforts and the often brutal, terroristic actions of insurgent forces.
In Malaya the British defeated an insurgent communist movement.
Taking a page out of the tactics of Anglo-American imperialism in Italy, the Stalinist bureaucracy leaves the insurgent proletariat to be crushed by the retreating Nazis.
A powerful, insurgent movement had engulfed Italy in the years after 1969.
Since then, insurgent activity has increased.
U.S. troops faces escalating insurgent attacks.
It’s a situation where the insurgent forces have to try to start a civil war and break up the different factions more so than they are now.
He has previous experience in helping the labor bureaucracy ward off an insurgent rank and file.
As for insurgents from other countries, the reports I’ve read said they constitute about 10 percent of the insurgent forces.
The most foreboding of these trends involves insurgent and terrorist groups who fund their ideological agendas with drug money.
The were first formed in the sixties to protect against cold war menaces and insurgent forces such as the terrorist organization known as the London Underground.
Yet, there are at least 24 insurgent groups active in the state.
Access to, and influence over, civilian populations is a source of strength for insurgent movements and arguably terrorist networks.
They recognize a lot of policemen who are on the front line are bearing the brunt of insurgent attacks, that when suicide bombs go off, they are often at checkpoints.
A senior U.S. military official says, since the election, insurgent attacks are down 22 percent.
For example, in two communications, one targeting potential insurgent recruits and one active guerrillas, both should discourage resistance.
In response, the British colonial rulers conspired with the leaders of the Indian National Congress and the Muslim League to divide the insurgent masses on a communal basis.
Resistance fighters have frequently targeted foreign planes in the area, which is an insurgent stronghold.
So if they can thwart it through terrorist and insurgent violence, they think they’ll get a victory.
To combat an insurgent force of between 3,000 and 6,000, British forces embarked on a brutal war.
The outer ring of the model contains fielded forces of insurgent fighters and terrorists.
India has numerous armed insurgent groups, and suffers from frequently tense Muslim-Hindu relations that recently exploded into violence.
These young soldiers, and they are very young, all have their own way of coping with the threat of insurgent attacks, the instant when a normal day can become a disaster.
The higher than expected cost of protecting workers against insurgent attacks – about 25 cents of every reconstruction dollar now pays for security – has sent the cost of projects skyward.
A revised Plan Colombia must be directed toward substantive, flexible, and pragmatic peace negotiations with the insurgent groups.
The insurgent terrorists have launched a day of mayhem.
No, I do not remember any crimes being committed, other than the work of terrorist organisations and insurgent forces.
That was followed by a very bloody year and growing insurgent attacks.
A cancer cell is like an insurgent terrorist with a very well-defined agenda.
the insurgent stronghold



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