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Definisi data
facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis.
Police time will then be spent collecting together the data and providing statistics that indicate the ethnicity of those stopped.
sinonim: facts, figures, statistics, details, particulars, specifics, information, intelligence, material, input, info
  • facts, figures, statistics, details, particulars, specifics, information, intelligence, material,input, info
  • information
These data consist of raw facts, as free as possible of confining hypotheses.
Radio signals send that data to a computer mounted on the handlebars for the cyclists to read.
These data can be accepted on the basis of the reliability of our natural faculties with respect to the natural world.
HP’s wireless keyboards can transmit data to other computers in faraway buildings.
An electronic tag containing an EPC on a microchip stores and transmits data to a reader.
census data
The accumulated data is recorded and stored because the material flow must be traceable.
The audit trailing of data is likely to multiply the amount of transactional data we store by a factor of two or more.
Analysis of variance and Chi square tests were used for statistical analysis of data .
Argote gives the example of old recordings of film or data stored on magnetic tape.
Web surveys have reduced the cost of data collection and made data analysis more efficient.
With a day’s diving complete, the team recorded their data in laptop computers and
Using predominantly CPS files, I was able to collect statistical data on a number of variables.
The solution rested with data collection and analysis by a number of SPC member companies.
Evaluation is the systematic collection and analysis of relevant data to inform decision making.
The other is that he had come to make a virtue of the fact that the basic data of knowledge are never certain, but at best merely credible to some degree.
It can also monitor sales and store financial data on recording companies and rights-holders.
How do sense-data differ from other data , e.g. from those of memory or introspection?
The reduction in violent crime is evident in the raw data , before any statistical analysis.
A query is executed in a computer to retrieve data from a database stored on a data storage device.
He notes that the pair provide graphs but no statistical analysis of their data .
The S Language is a powerful tool for the statistical and graphical analysis of data .
In time, more and more use will be made of statistical analysis of data to describe rocks that fall into a few named categories.
personal data is kept on the server
With this book we try to bridge this gap and present real data and facts together with concepts commonly used in economics.
We used grounded theory to guide sampling and collection and analysis of data .
The structure of the database permits easy retrieval of specific mutation data for further analysis.
The data signal is stored in a first memory in response to the write clock signal.
Some allow you to download stored data to your computer as a way of keeping track of your progress.
The transmitting modem translates digital computer data into analog signals that can be carried over a phone line.
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