Terjemahan dari flunk
fail, flop, collapse, flunk, fizzle out, bust
thwart, frustrate, foil, mess up, defeat, flunk
fall, fall down, fall off, tumble, crash, flunk
drop, impose, down, bring down, fell, flunk
fire, sack, ax, expel, terminate, flunk
Definisi flunk
fail to reach the required standard in (an examination, test, or course of study).
I flunked biology in the tenth grade
bomb, fail
My teacher phoned me and threatened to flunk me if I didn’t go to class.
And also, I think, look, people sue because the teachers flunk their kids.
English teacher Mr. Bates seems to flunk her for very suspect reasons.
When it comes to simple arithmetic, involving trillions of dollars of workers’ Social Security money, the privatizers flunk the test.
No teacher can ever flunk a student on the basis of personal dislike.
So the teacher said – the English teacher said she would flunk me if I didn’t take drama, because she thought I had to overcome my shyness.
And no matter how high they set the price, you were going to buy one copy because otherwise you’dflunk the course.
Insofar as such writers flunk the tests laid out by textbook publishers, they risk slipping quietly out of circulation.
I would sooner or later flunk my tests and exams.
‘If you’re talking about an elite, wealthy athlete,’ he says, ‘they’ll go to people like me to make sure they don’t flunk drug tests.’
I didn’t flunk but I didn’t do too well
I tell Rufus McClure about this and he chuckles, ‘Many an English teacher would flunk Hemingway.’
I’m sure that’s just one of the many they ask – and you won’t be automatically flunked for saying you have never touched a stirring spoon.
I was the mountaineer, I was the one living in the mountains – and I was the one who flunked this test.
I strayed instead into the less elegant world of pinochle, an addiction that almost caused me to flunk out of college.
Well, apparently as John said and we’ve heard on other reports, he had refused to pay any court costs and he had flunked a drug test while he was on probation.
‘I hope Boarst flunks her and she gets kicked out,’ Lauren muttered under her breath.
And one student who flunked out after spending too much time on the Internet did return last September.
The dog flunked the test, the suitcase went skittling down the conveyor belt, and it was apparently loaded onto a plane destined for parts unknown.
Many students flunked out of college trying to get edit decision lists to play on their roommate’s computer.
After his return, Salinger made his second try at college, having flunked out of New York University a few years earlier.
We presume that the baggage handlers and screeners flunked the test.
A student who was flunking out of school, he insisted the shootings were not about revenge.
The investigation thus far flunks the smell test.
If something is legal but flunks the smell test, do not do it.
However, it flunks the main test of any scientific theory: The ability to make empirically testable predictions.
At Harvard, back during the era when more than half of all alumni sons were admitted, those special admittees were disproportionately represented among students who flunked out .
Yeah, but on the other hand, have you ever heard of a Winter Olympic athlete getting a medal revoked for flunking a steroid test?
One false step – like failing to pay fees or flunking a course – and they can be shown the door.
So far, however, the bloggers are flunking the journalism test.
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