Terjemahan dari fleet
armada kapal
convoy, fleet
shipping, shipyard, fleet
bay, gulf, bight, fleet
anak sungai
tributary, creek, brook, rivulet, watercourse, fleet
procession, cavalcade, cortege, convoy, train, fleet
agile, swift, dexterous, nimble, competent, fleet
fast, quick, rapid, prompt, speedy, fleet
deft, nimble, workmanlike, agile, handy, fleet
vanish, evaporate, dissolve, go out, flee, fleet
berlalu cepat
fleet, rush by
disappear, lose, go away, vanish, go, fleet
Definisi fleet
fast and nimble in movement.
a man of advancing years, but fleet of foot
sinonim: nimble, agile, lithe, lissome, acrobatic, supple, light-footed, light on one’s feet, spry, sprightly, quick, fast, swift, rapid, speedy, brisk, smart, zippy, twinkle-toed
the largest group of naval vessels under one commander, organized for specific tactical or other purposes.
an invasion fleet
a marshland creek, channel, or ditch.
Sam explained that the 3,000 acres of the Nature Reserve is the largest in the English lowlands, the main area being grazing marsh divided by a network of ditches and fleets .
move or pass quickly.
a variety of expressions fleeted across his face
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  • nimble, agile, lithe, lissome, acrobatic, supple, light-footed, light on one’s feet, spry, sprightly,quick, fast, swift, rapid, speedy, brisk, smart, zippy, twinkle-toed
  • swift
  • navy, naval force, (naval) task force, armada, flotilla, squadron, convoy
  • fade, pass off, blow over, evanesce, pass
  • dart, flutter, flit
The Big Ship, Reynard, was the largest in the fleet of appropriated sailing ships that Claw’s organization was running.
It has a fleet of 28 aircraft and transports 6.6 million passengers a year.
In 1210, he invaded Ireland with a fleet of 700 ships carrying his feudal host and a force of Flemish mercenaries.
It operates a modern fleet of 21 aircraft, linking destinations in north and central Italy with airports in Germany and other European countries.
It operates a fleet of 13 Boeing 737-300s, and employs around 650 people.
Again the screen flickered, changing the view to a fleet of magnificent shimmering ships.
At the same time, they sent a fleet of 100 ships to the Peloponnese.
A fleet of 150 vehicles will be set up in West Yorkshire with about eight of them expected to be allocated to Bradford within 12 months.
In 1588 the world’s most powerful empire launched a fleet of ships against a small maritime nation.
A fleet of vehicles would be at the disposal of every booking office for instant pickup and delivery, he added.
A fleet of thirteen ships and over 36,000 troops set forth for Alexandria, at the mouth of the Nile, in June 1798, conquering Malta on the way.
a fleet of ambulances took the injured to hospital
The German guns were busily exchanging fire with the mighty invasion fleet massed in the Bay of the Seine and stretching for miles into the Channel.
Moore talks of spearheading ‘the new cavalry’, which means a fleet of helicopter gun ships.
a fleet of battleships
How would you operate a fleet of large, sophisticated aircraft?
the small port supports a fishing fleet
He met what he supposed was a fleet of Norse trading ships and directed the sailors to the nearby royal estate.
A fleet of 87 buses operated there when it closed in January, 1986.
The name comes from a hurricane that struck the area in 1715, wrecking a fleet of Spanish treasure ships en route from Havana to Spain.
the US fleet
an invasion fleet
The sirens have been fitted to 18 ambulances and 10 other emergency vehicles out of a fleet of 50 vehicles.
A fleet of vintage vehicles form the centre of attraction.
the cares of boyhood fleet away
the US fleet
From evidence found at the site, a fleet of 120 Viking ships occupied the Woodstown site about 812.
The gale also played havoc with the invasion fleet , but the rough seas caused the defenders to relax their watch.
The bad weather has hampered the work of a fleet of clean-up ships which have been sent by countries from around Europe.
the cares of boyhood fleet away
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