One of the anomalies of our approach to history is the propensity to study the venerable empire of Europe, but we do not feel it incumbent upon us to ascertain anything about the civilizations in our own hemisphere. We deprecate the history of this part of the world as though progress lay dormant and the other people were until the settlers of North America arrived at Plymouth Rock. In South America, from 2,000 B.C. until their empire reached its acme at the beginning of the 16th century, lived the Inca. The height of 11,000 feet. This civilization is reputed to have the western part of the continent. Its population fluctuated between 4 and 7 million. This empire had a highly efficacious political and social system. Its potentate ruled with absolute power. As the empire conquered new lands it would disseminate its language, religion, and social customs.

Source : 1100 Words You Need to Know

Pada bacaan di atas, kita menemukan kata “lay”, jangan dulu lihat artinya di kamus, kita akan menemukan banyak definisi kata “lay” tersebut, yang mungkin masih membuat kita bingung. Cobalah temukan kata “lay dormant”, yang artinya “berbaring tidak aktif” ūüėÄ

Kalau masih mencoba mendalami arti kata “lay” yang lain, baiklah…¬† Inilah beberapa contoh kalimat yang lain :

  • For example, turtles¬†lay their eggs within hours in beach sand and then leave them.
  • Female flies¬†lay¬†eggs every two or three days, 300 eggs each time, which means the number of flies will rocket if not controlled.
  • flamingos¬†lay¬†only one egg

During this time Bethel has been well supported by ministers from the South Wales area, some of them retired, and by lay preachers from the locality.

A knife to his belly had brought him to the Bowery Mission, where he continues as a lay preacher.

But a special effort will be required if lay preaching is to bear fruit.

James Macpherson based his Ossianic pieces on these lays 

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