famous, renowned, famed, noted, celebrated, eminent
superior, excellent, prime, eminent, supreme, distinguished
main, major, primary, key, top, eminent
accomplished, excellent, eminent, brilliant, superior, skilful
high, tall, elevated, upper, superior, eminent
preferential, excellent, exceptional, particular, distinctive, eminent
great, grand, glorious, majestic, noble, eminent
eminent, prominent
calm, excellent, eminent
These four participants will then be sent to Mumbai for training and will be groomed by eminent people in the film industry.
However eminent a Prime Minister may become, he is always subject to a higher personal authority.
The quality is eminent , but the case does have a fundamental flaw – the lack of cooling.
It was a grand dinner attended by hundreds of Scotland’s most eminent legal figures.
Here are some excerpts from the opinions expressed by some eminent personalities.
Moreover, many eminent scientists do not believe this context to be important.
We do not accept or proclaim any view merely because it comes from an eminent personality.
It was also patronised by eminent artists, musicians and intellectuals.
Nevertheless, it is very prestigious, and is often awarded to eminent people in the sciences and arts.
He sent them a work of philosophy which, in the eyes of some eminent judges, was perfectly sensible and worthy of publication.
And it has won praise from some of this country’s most eminent musicians.
Perhaps they keep quite quiet about the fact they advise me on a regular basis, but a lot of them are very eminent people in their own areas.
The acclaimed filmmaker has adapted several works of eminent writers.
He visited all the Balkan countries, meeting with eminent public figures.
A group of eminent scientists from around the world have voted Blade Runner the best science fiction movie of all time.
An eminent futurologist predicted many years ago that humans would eventually evolve without legs as we would have no use for them.
The chance to travel through time is something that has occupied the minds of many eminent people for generations.
The award is conferred annually on eminent citizens of this textile city.
I should like to thank this eminent scholar and friend for his valuable contribution to the debate on this issue.
Is it also a rather shrewd and pertinent analysis by one of Britain’s most eminent leaders?
It does seem an eminent candidate for discreet burial, doesn’t it?
To find answers this programme gathered together a group of eminent people from a variety of backgrounds.
According to King’s publicist, four eminent doctors were consulted.
That is why the most entertaining concerts during the season were also eminently forgettable.
Workplace health and safety is an eminently worthy topic, but not one that many people bother to follow closely.
The experience offered here is a warm one, earthy and pleasurable, and eminently watchable.
We fail to plan for the worst and then act shocked when eminently predictable crises occur.
All of which are eminently curable with current methods and medicines.
The result was two highly original and eminently durable clown characters.
But our coverage of previous fundraising campaigns shows the target is eminently achievable.




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