Terjemahan dari drift
drift, float, fly, sail, blow, cut in half
escape, be clear, drift
pass, drift, travel, take a shortcut
stop by, drop in, stop off, stop in, come by, drift
stop by, visit, call, drop in, stop in, drift
drift, be piled
dawdle, wander, loaf, hang about, drift, straggle
drift, wander, roam
deviation, aberration, distortion, drift, diversion, digression
current, flow, stream, influx, drift, tides
flow, stream, school, current, genre, drift
purpose, intent, point, intention, view, drift
direction, way, course, heading, aim, drift
trend, tendency, inclination, propensity, predisposition, drift
tendency, drift, tendence, spirit
Definisi drift
a continuous slow movement from one place to another.
there was a drift to the towns
sinonim: movement, shift, flow, transfer, relocation, gravitation
the general intention or meaning of an argument or someone’s remarks.
maybe I’m too close to the forest to see the trees, if you catch my drift
sinonim: gist, essence, meaning, sense, substance, significance, thrust, import, tenor, implication, intention, direction, course
a large mass of snow, leaves, or other material piled up or carried along by the wind.
This evening, trudging along through the drifts of ripped leaves and shed blossom I could smell smoke on the air.
sinonim: pile, heap, bank, mound, mass, accumulation
a horizontal or inclined passage following a mineral vein or coal seam.
We explored the areas that were not being mined, including miles of old abandoned drifts and stopes.
be carried slowly by a current of air or water.
the cabin cruiser started to drift downstream
sinonim: be carried, be borne, float, bob, waft, meander
(especially of snow or leaves) be blown into heaps by the wind.
fallen leaves start to drift in the gutters
sinonim: pile up, bank up, heap up, accumulate, gather, amass
Lebih sedikit definisi
  • movement, shift, flow, transfer, relocation, gravitation
  • deviation, digression
  • gist, essence, meaning, sense, substance, significance, thrust, import, tenor, implication,intention, direction, course
  • pile, heap, bank, mound, mass, accumulation
  • gallery, heading
  • impulsion, impetus
  • trend, movement
  • purport
  • be carried, be borne, float, bob, waft, meander
  • wander, meander, stray, putter, dawdle
  • stray, digress, deviate, diverge, veer, get sidetracked
  • pile up, bank up, heap up, accumulate, gather, amass
  • be adrift, blow, float
  • freewheel
  • stray, roam, cast, swan, roll, ramble, tramp, wander, range, rove, vagabond
  • stray, err
Lebih sedikit sinonim
Furthermore, it is not always clear whether fossils from a given locality are from in situ rocks or from spoil or clasts in glacial drift .
And the ocean currents tend to drift westwards on the northern side.
He worries also about the slow drift of journalism out of the public consciousness.
In addition, compensation for wind drift based on visual cues on the ground becomes more difficult with increasing altitude.
The task is not an easy one, for the population drift to the cities, especially among young people, continues unabated.
If you have an electric outboard available, this too can be used to slow down a drift .
Because early geologists did not find recent glacial drift in the region, it became known as the Driftless Area.
Ministers say they want to ‘see an end to the drift and lack of mission in further education and training’ and plan to introduce a raft of new measures to raise standards.
fallen leaves start to drift in the gutters
I pulled my cloak a bit tighter as a gust of wind whipped powder snow from a nearby drift and swirled it around us in a chill flurry.
Oriented north toward the small town of Limbo, he meticulously fights off the slow drift to complacency within his platoon.
The director’s commentary explains that in the space scene, no cuts could be made without ruining the continuous drift of the backdrop.
Eric was rapidly getting the drift of the conversation and trying to phrase a polite refusal in his mind.
He rolled up his sleeve and reached into the drift , seconds later he produced a powdery pooch.
people began to drift away
After 10 years of indecision and drift , Britain cannot remain on hold for another five years.
The rugged driftless area got its name because of early geologists’ inability to find evidence of glacialdrift .
I am looking forward to being in the open sea where I can use the sea anchor – a sort of parachute for water that ensures that you drift with the current, reducing the effect of the wind.
people began to drift away
the pilot had not noticed any appreciable drift
Over the past 30 years it has been used to reflect laser pulses back to observatories on Earth, making it possible to monitor the slow drift of the Moon away from our planet.
Her eyes slid closed and her mind began to drift outside of the walls.
By the time the plane and its crew reached the European coast, they had adjusted course to compensate for a 15-mile drift to the right.
there was a drift to the towns
People who know me will know the general drift of my thoughts and the intensity of my feelings on disasters, whether they be personal, natural or man-made.
a drift of daffodils
Since it self-seeds, just a few plants will eventually give rise to a nice drift .
He has warned ministers to guard against a drift towards ‘a surveillance society’.
I felt my copilot initially increase right rudder, trying to stop the aircraft’s left drift .
The scheme is also regarded as a way of boosting town centre trade, by helping to halt the drift of shoppers to out-of-town retail centres, which often offer free or cheap parking.
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