Terjemahan dari detached
separate, detached, distinct, secluded, disjunct, cloistered
detached, released, undone
freelance, loose, free, casual, open, detached
dislodged, detached, broken off
objective, detached, cold
independent, detached, self-sufficient, self-sufficing, self-contained, self-sustained
loose, detached, clear, evident
yg dpt berdiri sendiri
independent, detached, self-sufficient, self-sufficing, self-contained, self-sustained
yg tdk memihak
impartial, unbiased, dispassionate, detached, disinterested, non-partisan
yg mengelopak
Definisi detached
separate or disconnected, in particular.
sinonim: unfastened, disconnected, separated, separate, loosened, untied, unhitched, undone, unhooked, unbuttoned, free, severed, cut off
  • unfastened, disconnected, separated, separate, loosened, untied, unhitched, undone,unhooked, unbuttoned, free, severed, cut off
  • dispassionate, disinterested, objective, uninvolved, outside, neutral, unbiased, unprejudiced,impartial, nonpartisan, indifferent, aloof, remote, distant, impersonal, avoidant, cool
  • standing alone, separate
  • uncaring, unaffectionate
  • degage, uninvolved
  • free
  • isolated, separated
  • separated
Lebih sedikit sinonim
It is therefore easier to accept a certain amount of ‘collateral damage’ if we are emotionally detachedfrom the lives of those involved.
I was amazed at how detached I was from the whole scene.
If you’re able to stay emotionally detached from your investments, this can be a good strategy to follow.
Between those years the cost of a four bedroom detached in Brandlesholme soared from £46, 500 to £175,000.
Although I FEEL rather detached in most aspect in my life right now, my mind has been frantically active and many thoughts are racing inside my brain.
She smiled at him briefly and said hello, trying to sound as detached as possible.
Halifax says that the rise reflects the fact that detached houses are increasingly the aspiration of homeowners.
Necessarily, he was a little bit more detached .
The four bed detached residence was restored in a way which does not detract from the history of the place.
He tried to concentrate on the opening words of all parties involved, but the sounds seemed to come from a distance and he felt as though he were somewhat detached from it all.
“For the first 24 hours I was emotionally detached from everything going on.
“This detached home has a beautifully presented interior with a westerly rear orientation.
The two unsold detached villas have asking prices of 19,350 and 19,651 yuan a square metre.
Individual scientists are not emotionally detached from their research.
Copmanthorpe Parish Council has voiced strong objections to plans to demolish the former health centre on Horseman Lane, and build three detached town houses on the land.
The house is now a three-storey detached residence accessed from Sion Road through recessed gates.
This four bedroom detached bungalow is located in a mature and highly regarded residential area of the town.
The four-bedroom detached residence now on the market carries a guide price of £365,000.
There’s an imposing sandstone detached residence, in an exclusive cul-de-sac, with an extensive refurbishment completed.
At the film’s opening, Sullivan seems entirely detached from his son and the tenderness that he instantly develops once disaster strikes seems to come from thin blue air.
I was a little bit – you know, detached from everything.
I was supposed to be indifferent, nonchalant and completely detached from him.
Nirvana never sounded as detached as the Pixies, or as fluid, or as fun.
For sale by private treaty is a private development of just four three bedroom detached houses finished to the highest standard in the picturesque village of Ardattin in South Carlow.
As he stood there, Jim felt oddly detached .
A tarmac driveway allows for off-street parking and there is also a detached garage.
My findings turned out to be less positive than I expected, and it’s an indicator of how much moredetached I feel from my job these days than I used to that this doesn’t bother me unduly.
They believe that everyone wants to live in single-family detached houses in the middle of an acre of land.
All these practices flout psychology’s belief that researchers must remain detached from their research in order to preserve their objectivity.
It’s all sophisticated, detached and sometimes rather eerie.
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