Terjemahan dari derive
obtain, get, gain, acquire, have, derive
get, obtain, gain, have, find, derive
take, pick up, take on, take out, take up, derive
get, have, receive, obtain, gain, derive
find, have, get, make, receive, derive
berasal dr
come from, come of, originate, derive, emanate, spring
Definisi derive
obtain something from (a specified source).
they derived great comfort from this assurance
sinonim: obtain, get, take, gain, acquire, procure, extract, attain, glean
  • obtain, get, take, gain, acquire, procure, extract, attain, glean
  • originate in, stem from, descend from, spring from, be taken from
  • originate in, be rooted in, stem from, come from, spring from, proceed from, issue from
  • gain
  • deduce, deduct, infer
  • educe
  • come, descend
Lebih sedikit sinonim
He worked on how to derive class number relations from modular equations.
This organization can derive its power from a number of sources, both economic and non-economic.
To give one example, should geological theories be factual or should they merely connect concepts that derive their meaning from the theory?
Indeed, scientists who reject the evolutionary approach are free to derive hypotheses from whatever other sources they wish, including intuition, observation, or psychic cats.
Recent years have seen considerable criticism and hostility regarding efforts of both courts and commentators to derive constitutional rights from sources other than explicit constitutional language.
Healthy rivers and lakes are vital not only because we derive our drinking water from these sources but they are also a means where we and our children pass the time through walks, fishing, swimming, canoeing etc.
Apart from its importance as a home for a wide variety of organisms, a large proportion of the world’s human population lives close to or derives its food from estuarine or marine sources.
There were many long calculations, deriving one formula from another to solve a differential equation.
Objective yield indications are derived from models based on observations over the last 5 years for the corresponding months compared with end-of-season yields.
As many writers have noted, our English words cosmos and cosmetics derive from the same ancient Greek root for universe and ornamentation.
The reduced form is a thioether and is derived from cysteine, whereas the oxidized form is a sulphate ester and is derived from the sulphonation pathway.
It is concentrated in this plant’s leaves and is derived from pyridine molecules.
But besides these pleasures there is that love of beauty and delight in it derivable from assuming graceful attitudes and performing graceful movements and also in seeing such in others.
But it would be a long time before you came up with a source of happiness that derived from the beneficence of government.
These new affiliations are derived from and based upon the commonly experienced terror, and beyond it – on shared survival joy and guilt, depression and reparation, hope and despair.
From such basic measurements, and by extrapolation to mixtures of different ingredients, the ‘calorie count’ can be applied as a measure of the energy derivable from a food source.
Since olestra is derived from fat molecules, it has similar chemical and physical properties.
This reasoning derives some justification from an economic argument based on ease of prosecution: such trivial offences are not worth the public expenditure of prosecution and court time in proving fault.
However, the practitioners of this art were not medical, and there is little evidence that the doctors of those times derived any knowledge from this potentially rich source of anatomical material.
But if justification can supervene on a belief’s deriving from a reliable source, they have justified true belief.
The word syrup derives from the same Arabic root as the word sherbet.
Similarly, dishevelled comes from the Old French deschevelé and was not derived from a word shevelled.
These rates are derivable from the original study reports.
The vision of the heroic, conquering bourgeois essentially derives from these sources.
The advance in the book is not noticeable until close to the end, but it’s derivable from the title.
Rather, what it does demonstrate is a shared outlook deriving from a common ideological source.
Behavior modification refers only to that body of procedures and conceptual systems derivable from experimental psychology or experimental learning theory.
In etymological terms, the word Maremma derives from the Latin mare, or sea, and is related to the French marais.
Dharma is etymologically derived from the Sanskrit root dh meaning to bear or support.
The author strongly suggests to any critics that before responding to this item, they first download the work cited in footnote 16 and ensure that their arguments are derived from and based on the authority of the Bible.




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