Terjemahan dari deprecate
denounce, reproach, criticize, blame, deprecate, decry
condemn, curse, decry, damn, blaspheme, deprecate
protest, remonstrate, deprecate, kick, fulminate, obtest
cavil, keelhaul, stigmatize, excoriate, criticize, deprecate
Definisi deprecate
express disapproval of.
he sniffed in a deprecating way
sinonim: deplore, abhor, disapprove of, frown on, take a dim view of, take exception to, detest, despise, criticize, censure
  • deplore, abhor, disapprove of, frown on, take a dim view of, take exception to, detest, despise,criticize, censure
  • depreciate, vilipend
A series of recent cases have tended to deprecate the value of confidentiality in witness statements.
It is almost as if the more amazing our accomplishments, the more we must deprecate them.
what I deprecate is persistent indulgence
So what do we get this year, without the slightest hint of deprecation ?
Cultivating or practicing such concern for others involved deprecating oneself.
The regiment remained during the summer, engaged in scouting and garrison duty, making occasional excursions after guerrillas and other rebel deprecators .
Accordingly, frames should be deprecated in the design of new sites; and should preferably be phased out of existing designs.
He has a proposition for James, which he puts to him in deprecative terms typical of their mutual origins.
He smiled deprecatingly and I noticed the new gaps he had in between his teeth.
Luck is a concept that is deprecated in our go-getting entrepreneurial society.
He further deprecated the program of acquiring and dividing the land of large farmers because their resultant insecurity would lessen their efforts to make their land more productive and invest money in permanent improvements.
It is only to be deprecated in so far as there is a danger, which experience shows to be no trifling one.
It is appreciated by those who benefit from it and deprecated by some who don’t deserve to be treated so well.
These common traits all arise from a fundamental dualism that privileges the spirit and deprecates the body.
Back then we deprecated the literal, physical world.
Without in any way deprecating entrepreneurship and ingenuity, its power stems from its command of money and what money can buy.
He is the rarest kind of supersalesman: an uncomplicated man who is genuinely deprecative of himself and sold on his product.
He lost the ticket too, so he returned from his beat with a face like thunder snarling dire deprecationsat the scavenger hunters.
He deprecates Dylan’s uncontrollable taste for sugary snacks: ‘It starts with some sweets… ‘he drones knowingly, ‘and then you’re on two bags a day.’
His tone is tauntingly acidic, his expression world-weary but capable of mischievous reigniting; his hands keep taking off on a little dance of impatience and deprecation .
Curiously, Franklin deprecates me for calling the papers a ‘study.’
Rather, he spends most of his time deprecating our political system and telling readers it’s not worth getting involved in.
Oh, and it seems that the tactic is to look deprecatingly at each item you are interested in, lest someone else think you are getting excited and start bidding against you.
Though Katherine, unfairly to my mind, deprecates the novels.
But this blog strongly deprecates that kind of cynicism about politics.
The intellect is not cultivated, it is deprecated ; discernment is not encouraged, nor wisdom, nor discrimination.
The city critics and deprecators needed to know that there were processes being put in place, strategies being developed and people still committed to the revival of the city.
‘That was a close one,’ said Jacob deprecatingly .
Both parties deprecated war, but one of them would ‘make’ war rather than let the nation survive, and the other would ‘accept’ war rather than let it perish, and the war came.
Seeing the insipid life in the city and listening to the babblings of old men praising the past anddeprecating every progressive step was unbearable.



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