Coed artinya Mahasiswi

The rutted roads were thick with mostly male and coed groups, camped where the piñons give way to cottonwoods down by the creek.
Another night, another motel room, and now the guys have insisted on coed rooms.
We picked out coed teams and played football etc.
She was going to a very prestigious, Catholic, coed high school that offered the best sporting programs in the city.
Originally founded as a coed institution in 1893 by the United Methodist Church, Bennett became a women’s college in 1926.
Today we are a coed school of 550 with enlarged faculty and administration.
Choose from women-only or coed classes, each with a maximum 8-1 student-teacher ratio.
If women want to meet men, they should join a bike club or play coed soccer.
The coach was the person who reasoned her into playing soccer for the coed team.
I’ve even met some parents who provide the alcohol at their kids’ parties or permit coed sleepovers.
Coax nine pals into forming a stag or coed softball team and join the Parks and Recreation League; the season starts in March.
I decided to check out one of the more popular leagues – indoor coed soccer.



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