Terjemahan dari demand
demand, request, wish, appeal, solicitation, plea
demand, claim, charge, requirement, indictment, assertion
demand, sue, require, prosecute, claim, insist
ask, request, seek, call, demand, beg
need, require, take, entail, necessitate, demand
urge, insist, push, press, demand, exhort
need, require, want, demand, call, involve
tell, send, have, order, enjoin, demand
demand, want
collect, bill, demand, insist, remind, dun
Definisi demand
an insistent and peremptory request, made as if by right.
a series of demands for far-reaching reforms
sinonim: request, call, command, order, dictate, ultimatum, stipulation
ask authoritatively or brusquely.
“Where is she?” he demanded
sinonim: order, command, enjoin, urge, bid; ask, inquire, question, interrogate, challenge
  • request, call, command, order, dictate, ultimatum, stipulation
  • requirement, need, desire, wish, want, claim, imposition
  • market, call, appetite, desire
  • need
  • requirement
  • call for, ask for, request, push for, hold out for, insist on, claim
  • order, command, enjoin, urge, bid
  • ask, inquire, question, interrogate, challenge
  • require, need, necessitate, call for, involve, entail
  • insist on, stipulate, make a condition of, expect, look for
  • exact
  • call for, require, take, necessitate, postulate, ask, involve, need
Lebih sedikit sinonim
Now the learner is in a position to demand the education they require rather than taking what is on offer.
a demand for specialists
There was no promise that the inquiry would even sit in public or have the power to demanddocuments and summon witnesses.
Most of these activities rely on traditionally acquired skills that do not demand modern technical knowledge.
True, it is often a blunt instrument when the requirements of justice demand sensitive application in complex human situations.
a recent slump in demand
Pruning requirements demand some knowledge of the individual species on hand.
we’re opening later in response to growing demand
there’s a high demand for children’s books
consumer demand
a recent slump in demand
there was a big demand for change
The nonsmokers could demand what they wanted in exchange for their rations.
they didn’t have the resources to meet demand
housing demand
a demand for specialists
Over the next two years it is probable that teachers, local government, the police and others willdemand more.
In addition, server customers tend to demand higher performing systems well ahead of consumers.
demand has increased
But a police officer should not demand more than his commander has given to him.
reduced demand
‘Where are our girls?’ they demanded in a hoarse whisper.
The demands on higher education require a fundamental change in direction – and technology can facilitate that change.
Anyway, I wish I could hand these demanders of authenticity a copy of any book by Miss Manners.
You may find yourself needing to pay more attention to offshore projects, leading to increaseddemands on management time and training requirements.
A one-page letter demanded to see all software licences to prove the software wasn’t counterfeit.
At first, she angrily demanded to know where he had been.
And because embroidery demands precision it requires sharp focus at all times.
Celebrity doesn’t place any demands on a person; it requires nothing but itself.
The second limitation is that those outside the regime have not been able to link the demands for democratisation to the demands for social progress.
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