Terjemahan dari assault
attack, assault, strike, raid, offensive, onset
attack, assault, offensive, aggression, ambush, set-to
interference, disturbance, disruption, interruption, nuisance, assault
assault, trick, attack
attack, strike, assault, strike out, assail, charge
rape, violate, ravish, dishonor, trample, assault

Definisi assault


a physical attack.
his imprisonment for an assault on the film director
sinonim: battery, violence, sexual assault, rape
a concerted attempt to do something demanding.
a winter assault on Mt. Everest


make a physical attack on.
he pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer
sinonim: attack, hit, strike, punch, beat up, thump, pummel, pound, batter, clout, wallop, belt, clobber, hammer, bop, sock, deck, slug, plug, lay into, do over, rough up, smite; rape, sexually assault, molest
  • battery, violence, sexual assault, rape
  • attack, strike, onslaught, offensive, charge, push, thrust, invasion, bombardment, sortie,incursion, raid, blitz, campaign, beatdown
  • violation, rape, ravishment


  • attack, hit, strike, punch, beat up, thump, pummel, pound, batter, clout, wallop, belt, clobber,hammer, bop, sock, deck, slug, plug, lay into, do over, rough up, smite
  • attack, assail, pounce on, set upon, strike, fall on, swoop on, rush, storm, besiege
  • rape, sexually assault, molest
  • rape, ravish, violate, dishonor, outrage
  • attack, snipe, assail, round, lash out
  • attack, set on, assail


  • Both Indian and Pakistan forces found that an assault on well-defended positions was extremely costly.
  • He would be subject to rape and assault by the other inmates and as much as the staff may try to do the right thing, the facts are, they are understaffed and undertrained.
  • All others beware: this guy’s verbal assault is an earful.
  • an articulate assault on all forms of prejudice
  • It follows that in cyberspace the intended victim of a verbal assault is also at least less likely to become disarmed, debilitated, and silenced.
  • they left their strong position to assault the hill
  • The Executive is considering introducing legislation to make it an offence to obstruct or assault any emergency worker carrying out his or her job.
  • We received a complaint of a sexual assault on a young girl and had to respond with whatever resources were available to us.
  • The sexual assault on two young girls highlighted in a sad and pathetic way that the town is not getting the required resources to tackle what seems to be a constant rise in violence in the area.
  • Least of all should we cheer-lead a military assault on an already terrified, bloody and starving country.
  • The woman who claims to have given ‘a little lip’ to the security officer probably launched an all-out verbal assault on the man.
  • Beginning in the fall of 2002, university administrators began a verbal assault on students and faculty supporting divestment.
  • You have to assault an enemy position but also prevent bombs from going off or files from being destroyed.
  • Does every sorority slasher flick have to assault our ears with the negligible talents of a really lousy frathouse party band?
  • The series begins with a ferocious military assault on Israel.
  • On September 21, 2001 he committed a sexual assault on an unconscious man with a weapon.
  • Instead he stood on the step on the driver’s side, half in and half out, slowly unfurled his considerable frame to its full height, and began his verbal assault .
  • Excessive speed may require that the MICLIC spend more time at the assault position rather than moving quickly forward to fire.
  • Troops also faked attacks before the assault to confuse enemy fighters.
  • Air raids began last Thursday and troops started the ground assault the following day.
  • they left their strong position to assault the hill
  • Physical assault on women by intimate partners is recognized widely as a leading cause of injury to women in the United States.
  • He continued his verbal assault even as everyone tried to silence him.
  • In that case the appellant had been convicted of assault occasioning actual bodily harm by harassing his female victim.
  • a winter assault on Mt Everest
  • She broke off her verbal assault because John had started to laugh.
  • The attack was the latest assault on the majority Shiite community.
  • In response, the army launched a military assault on the facility in which the men were being held, demolishing parts of the building.
Any obstruction or physical assault on his person, while discharging his official duties, should be viewed seriously.
Groups of teenagers slap or otherwise assault unsuspecting members of the public and record the incident on their camera phones.



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