Terjemahan dari slather
slather, tine, misspend, sport, slattern
melumasi dgn lapis tebal
waste, squander, throw away, burn, misspend, slather
jumlah besar
bulk, quantity, vast, multiplicity, reams, slather
Definisi slather
spread or smear (a substance) thickly or liberally.
slather on some tanning lotion
a large amount of something.
slathers of cream
For super dry hands, feet and skin. slather on olive oil straight from the bottle.
You insert freshly cut limes, slather on the sunscreen and take a large gulp of your intoxicating brew.
Also, if you don’t already, slather on a body lotion regularly.
But, before you slather on that oil-laden cream or lotion, it’s important to understand how the skin functions and to dispel a few myths about moisturizing products to boot.
This unique stone layer runs in an ellipse across France and is also responsible for the best Champagne, Sancerre and a slather of great German wines.
Many slather gray mud over their naked skin, giving themselves a wan, ghoulish cast, and they saunter through a surreal panorama punctuated by eccentric installations.
After showering with this mixture, I slather on thick, rich cream for fresh, exfoliated skin.
No matter how many lotions and oils we slather on, our elbows, knees and heels are still often resistant to softening.
When finished, remove from the fire, slather on the garlic butter, and set aside for five minutes.
To rejuvenate them, right before bedtime slather on a generous coat of sesame oil, canola oil, or sunflower oil, suggests Cox.
After the hive adventure, I now truly appreciate the effort, from bees and dedicated bee-keepers alike, that goes into the honey I slather on to toast or drizzle over porridge.
slather on some tanning lotion
Then they slather on antibiotic cream and apply silver-impregnated bandages.
It’s similar to waxing, but with less prep time (just slather it on).
Sure, slather white bold italic across a red block; but don’t expect to have people referring to you in a graphic design blog thread anytime soon.
We headed down to the river’s edge wearing shorts, swimsuits, life jackets, tennis shoes (no flip-flops allowed), and a generous slather of suntan lotion.
slather on some tanning lotion
You can’t slather on powder when every grain looks like a boulder on your client’s face.
Most places slather on the mayo, making this fish dish extraordinarily high in fat and calories.
We had it for tea, toasted for breakfast, and as a foundation for fruit desserts, with fresh or poached berries, poached plums or peaches, and slathers of heavy cream poured over everything.



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