Terjemahan dari decapitate
decapitate, amputate
memenggal kepala
behead, decapitate, decollate
Definisi decapitate
cut off the head of (a person or animal).
a decapitated body
sinonim: behead, guillotine, put on the block
  • behead, guillotine, put on the block
  • decollate, behead
The problem, though, is that you’re not going to decapitate an organization like JI.
The essence of this operation which began Wednesday a week ago was to decapitate the leadership and I’m sure that’s still a very, very high objective.
But I do see a clear pattern – a White House trying to decapitate another news organization.
The commonly held belief among activists is that Canada, as an exporter of GM food and opponent of the Biosafety Protocol, deliberately tried to decapitate the anti-GM bloc.
The High Court in Edinburgh heard how after he had strangled her with his bare hands he tried todecapitate her with a bread knife.
Conservative MPs have most immediate reason to be alarmed by further advances for the Lib Dems, especially when it is coupled with an attempt to decapitate leading members of the shadow cabinet.
We were led to believe that they were going to decapitate the army, decapitate the bureaucracy, put in a new regime relatively quickly and we would be out relatively quickly.
They twice attempted to decapitate the legitimate, democratically elected UK government.
The chief wasn’t so lucky; he was decapitated and died.
What’s she doing in a world of murderers, rapists, torturers, sadists, blood drinkers, decapitators and pimps?
They would have needed the Jaws of Life to get her out of the car if the windshield hadn’t caved in anddecapitated her.
They were not merely murdered; they were decapitated and the heads taken by their assailant.
‘Remember, you will have decapitated the command and control for the military forces,’.
Ancroe broke his opponent’s sword with his axe and then decapitated him.
As a final gesture of revenge, Beowulf finds Grendel’s body and decapitates him.
France did of course have various experiments with monarchy even after the decapitation of Louis XVI.
He never saw the blade swing through the air as it decapitated him.
Sendero Luminoso has been decapitated , its leader Abimael Guzman is behind bars.
She kicked goal after goal, each one whizzing past my face and coming this close to decapitating me.
The 7950 decapitator cuts cleanly and quickly through bone and tissue.
While enjoying the sun at a Soufriere beach, a young vacationer from Germany had been forced to witness his fiancée’s decapitation at the hands of a local madman.
An eighth film is in the can for this year and ignores the fact that at the end of Halloween H20 Michael was literally decapitated .
He would have known that the chosen instrument of revolutionary vengeance was the guillotine, that relentless mechanical decapitator which made the streets of Paris run with royal and aristocratic blood.
If he loses, he is decapitated and his head mounted on a pike.
The second-half started with Colin Nish somehow remaining unpunished by referee Calum Murray for all but decapitating Alan Maybury, but it was symptomatic of Kilmarnock having more aggression about them.
Three of the slain policemen were decapitated after being shot during clashes with demonstrators last week.
A bolt struck one of the assailants in the neck and nearly decapitated him.
He made no effort to disassociate himself from their claims of killings, decapitations , and other war crimes.
What I don’t like is violence and bloodshed in my movies, and a faithful adaptation promised to have oodles of shootings, busted limbs and even decapitations .
The ALF, which is simply the name adopted by people who act illegally in behalf of animal rights, breaks inanimate objects such as stereotaxic devices and decapitators in order to save lives.



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