Terjemahan dari consternation
worry, cares, fear, consternation, fash, concernment
paralysis, palsy, disability, consternation, stupefaction
shock, consternation, fray, inflexibility, petrifaction, petrification
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Definisi consternation
feelings of anxiety or dismay, typically at something unexpected.
I always welcomed clover, much to the consternation of the neighbors
sinonim: dismay, perturbation, distress, disquiet, discomposure, surprise, amazement, astonishment, alarm, panic, fear, fright, shock
  • dismay, perturbation, distress, disquiet, discomposure, surprise, amazement, astonishment,alarm, panic, fear, fright, shock
  • dismay, alarm
He encourages his followers to rise against the oppressors, which causes much consternation in the Vatican.
Our media will then proceed to trumpet this beyond all reason as cause for alarm and consternation .
His remarks caused consternation on both sides of the Atlantic.
The decision by New York’s leaders to borrow the words of others has been greeted with consternationin some quarters.
The latest scheme has caused similar consternation among traders.
You can horrify the tabloids and cause consternation in the wings.
I waved him over and he rushed towards me with an expression of consternation , looking over his shoulder.
A shallow pit is dug with initial gusto, to my mother’s mild consternation .
to her consternation her car wouldn’t start
One person will find his stimulant in an emergency while another may feel anxiety and consternation .
Jill, your book has a happy ending that created consternation among some early readers.
There’s some consternation about a foreign policy survey released in Australia early this week.
This decision has caused widespread consternation among those opposed to the directive.
After six illegal balls, consternation grew among the home players and supporters.
I always welcomed clover, much to the consternation of the neighbors
The central message of the book caused the most consternation .
If the names don’t confuse you, the psychological web that these tricksters weave will causeconsternation .
There was also consternation at measures allowing police to go barefoot and even shirtless in stations.
Advances have been made, but not without some consternation from the right over the past six years.
Filing through the border control, I know that my arrival is going to cause consternation amongst the officials.
This guideline caused consternation among representatives of these companies in these regions.
These people are normally quickly eliminated, but they can cause real consternation among their neighbours.



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