Terjemahan dari eminence
excellence, superiority, primacy, supremacy, predominance, eminence
hill, mount, heights, eminence, swell, knap
virtue, superiority, eminence, eminency
fame, notoriety, renown, spurs, luster, eminence
greatness, grandeur, majesty, magnificence, pomp, eminence
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eminency, eminence
tempat yg tinggi
eminence, eminency
Definisi eminence
fame or recognized superiority, especially within a particular sphere or profession.
her eminence in cinematography
sinonim: fame, celebrity, illustriousness, distinction, renown, preeminence, notability, greatness, prestige, importance, reputation, repute, note, prominence, superiority, stature, standing
a piece of rising ground.
an eminence commanding the River Emme
sinonim: elevation, height, rise
  • fame, celebrity, illustriousness, distinction, renown, preeminence, notability, greatness,prestige, importance, reputation, repute, note, prominence, superiority, stature, standing
  • important person, dignitary, luminary, worthy, grandee, notable, notability, personage, leading light, VIP, somebody, someone, big shot, big gun, heavyweight
  • elevation, height, rise
  • tubercle, tuberosity
  • preeminence, note, distinction
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This is especially so if the expert is a man of great eminence and therefore likely to be respected, effective and persuasive.
Shaking the patient’s hand at the end of the consultation, the doctor noticed a raised lesion on the thenar eminence of his right hand.
The Edinburgh operation is in a very healthy situation, we are encountering very significant growth, and we can build on our core talents to operate from a position of eminence and strength in these competitive markets.
He cites the eminence and experience of the writers, showing that they are not mere hacks but people with a reputation to maintain.
The edifice… is built upon a beautiful eminence , on the Philadelphia road, affording on all sides, an extensive, and delightful view, with charming rural scenery, on every side.
The honorary position is seen as a reward for professional eminence in the field.
The neurohypophysis proper comprises the median eminence of the tuber cinereum, the infundibulum, the pituitary stalk, and the posterior or neural lobe of the pituitary gland.
And when eventually he realised the nature of the complaint, his defence fell back on the eminence of the good Sir Richard.
Some authors have been surprised that their eminence hasn’t protected them from a mauling at the hands of ‘the mad, the bad, and the misinformed.’
‘I feel absolutely delighted but very humbled to have been included in this roster of eminence ,’ she said.
James, by contrast, has risen to a heady eminence which serves to further emphasize the humiliation of his sibling.
The articular eminence of the glenoid fossa is rectangular and broad transversely.
While retaining strong connections with his roots, he progressed inexorably from unexceptional beginnings to a position of some eminence in Vienna.
an eminence commanding the River Emme
From modest roots, his rise to eminence was all the more remarkable.
To achieve such eminence , there are doubtless various devices and elements in a novel which are more or less compulsory: crime fiction has to have a crime, for example.
an eminence commanding the River Emme
She is also renowned for the eminence of her contacts.
Before reaching the anterior margin, there is a low eminence on the paracristid crest and an expansion of its lingual surface, these features marking the position of the paraconid.
her eminence in cinematography
The Armory was described by one British visitor as ‘beautifully situated on an eminence overlooking the town.’
There was in fact a splendid view of the mine from the eminence of the hill, even better than the one from Fred and Peggy’s bungalow.
There are certain men and women who by reason of their genius, eminence , achievement, or idiosyncrasy seem to exercise a sort of magnetism on biographers and publishers.
They are separated by an upward projection called the intercondylar eminence .
For eighteenth-century Europeans that was still the case, but, for west European intellectuals at least, Europe enjoyed an eminence over the rest of the world for secular reasons as well.
I thought we were never going to reach it; and then, almost unexpectedly, we suddenly came upon it – a small but ancient village, rising up on a slight eminence , but concealed from view by big clumps of tall-growing reeds.
Salieri, who has risen from humble origins to his position of eminence through sheer hard work, is a deeply devout man.
But the most impressive structures along what became the A40 were the three big monumental brick blocks rising on the north side on an eminence at Park Royal.
The male cheerleader was something of a campus eminence , regarded as an up-and-coming entrepreneur and future captain of industry.
Among the many ways Britain has been different from the continent has been not only the number but the eminence of female Sovereigns.
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