Terjemahan dari suspend
suspend, postpone, defer, put off, shelve, adjourn
hang, hang out, hang up, hang down, suspend, swing
hang, drape, hang up, pin, hang out, suspend
delay, put off, postpone, suspend, defer, procrastinate
suspend, adjourn
stop, discontinue, cease, end, suspend, break
revoke, pull, repeal, lift, withdraw, suspend
get rid of, remove, rule out, eliminate, do away, suspend
fire, sack, ax, expel, terminate, suspend
take, lift, pull, extract, pull out, suspend
Definisi suspend
temporarily prevent from continuing or being in force or effect.
work on the dam was suspended
hang (something) from somewhere.
the light was suspended from the ceiling
sinonim: hang, sling, string, swing, dangle
(of solid particles) be dispersed throughout the bulk of a fluid.
the paste contains collagen suspended in a salt solution
  • adjourn, interrupt, break off, postpone, delay, defer, shelve, put off, put on hold, intermit,prorogue, hold over, hold in abeyance, cut short, discontinue, dissolve, disband, terminate,table, put on ice, put on the back burner, mothball, take a rain check on
  • exclude, debar, remove, eliminate, expel, eject
  • hang, sling, string, swing, dangle
  • debar
  • set aside
  • freeze
Lebih sedikit sinonim
While we ultimately know this film is a mockumentary, these techniques allow us to temporarilysuspend our disbelief.
Cannier SME owners will suspend judgement until they see what real changes emerge in the kind of deals their banks are prepared to offer.
Recently Ryanair was forced to temporarily suspend services on its Strasbourg / London route.
Mainly, I feel I must suspend any judgement until next weekend, just because so much could change in the time remaining.
The market might be saturated, but it matters little for these ubiquitous hawkers, who can’t even temporarily suspend or postpone their requirements of daily sustenance.
The traders have been forced to temporarily suspend trading as they do not want any more clients to fall into this black hole.
Now Bromley police have suspended him while they carry out an investigation.
This is coupled through solid-fluid interaction rules to the Newtonian rotation and translation of solid particles suspended in the fluid.
The building is suspended from the cliff by cables, so when the glacier goes down, the restaurant literally hangs.
These nanotube devices could be suspended in a solution and used for photocatalytic solar hydrogen production.
They’re all suspended in mid-air and don’t really have anything to say.
He was initially regarded as a good pilot, but his performance faded over his final two years in the Guard and he was suspended from flight status.
What makes this technology unique is its reliance on iron particles suspended in synthetic fluid to control vehicle ride motions.
I’m suspending this meeting until a later time when I can get everyone’s complete attention and input.
He said four of the 12 officers have already been suspended for failing to stop looting.
Ticket sales at the Glasgow Film Theatre were temporarily suspended prior to a showing in late August.
The judge suspended the sentence but the conviction stood.
In any other job or industry someone would be suspended pending an investigation.
It is more appropriate to think of it as a colloid system of small solid particles suspended in water.
Five years of the sentence was conditionally suspended for five years.
Its other end was tied to the axle of the utility, and by its tautness the boy could see when Joe’s full weight was suspended from it.
The first printer component has a fluid outlet in fluid communication with a supply of pigmented fluid defined by particles suspended in a carrier fluid.
Instead, the judge suspended the 18-month prison sentence for two years.
A timber deck is suspended from the concrete slab roof.
This sets up a chemical reaction which turns the gas into nitric acid and the nitric acid is neutralised by calcium carbonate which is also suspended in the paint.
I pled guilty, paid a fine, and had my driver’s license suspended for 30 days.
He was suspended from this post in July last year.
The dispersed particles do not remain suspended indefinitely but eventually settle to the bottom of the container because of the gravitational pull.
Five members of staff have been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation.
The prison sentence was later suspended for one week, allowing them to appeal to a higher court.
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