Terjemahan dari cliff
gap, ravine, gorge, cliff, chasm, brink
karang terjal
tebing curam
precipice, cliff, bluff
Definisi cliff
a steep rock face, especially at the edge of the sea.
a path along the top of rugged cliffs
sinonim: precipice, rock face, crag, bluff, ridge, escarpment, scar, scarp, ledge, overhang
  • precipice, rock face, crag, bluff, ridge, escarpment, scar, scarp, ledge, overhang
  • drop, drop-off
They walked up a hill which seemed to go up forever and found themselves on the edge of a cliff .
The water was also hundreds of feet below them, as they saw they were on the edge of a cliff .
He saw every side and shade and angle of the training business and to him it seemed like the view from a cliff ‘s edge.
She stood up quickly, without really knowing why, and walked towards the edge of the cliff .
he fell down a cliff
The site is perched on the edge of a small cliff looking out over a rocky outcrop, the sea and a secluded cove.
He imagined he could climb the rock face to the cliff above, run down the path and still get there before her.
the cliff face
He learned that conditions were treacherous and it was unsafe to go to the cliff edge.
We get ochres on the island, the white ochre is collected from the cliff edge of the beach.
The other day, walking below on the edge of the cliff , we saw a rock wallaby at the side.
He even moved closer to the set, like a lemming drawn to the edge of a cliff .
He also thought that he could hear the faint sounds of waves crashing against a cliffy shore.
We can hear the saws of the fallers, still cutting above rock cliffs on the steep mountainside.
The beach is only accessible by boat because of the sheer cliffs that surround it.
As the sun comes up here behind me, you can begin to see the ancient Buddhas in the cliffs .
The terrain is very rough, with an array of canyons, cliffy massifs, and stony substrates.
She took his halter and began leading him along the edge of the cliffs .
Rugged cliffs were spread across the shore, their rough surface covered in random spots of deep green moss.
The path hugs the cliffs in places, with steep drops to the sea, so care is needed.
The cliff-like structure at the heart of the old town rises directly from the sea and causes it to resemble a stone boat at anchor.
Here they were faced with steep cliffs which they had to climb to get off the beach.
Inside, the narrow alleys are tight woven, winding shadily between cliff-like walls of brown mud or sparkling white lime wash.
It is a land of mountains, moorland and hill pasture, with steep river valleys and cliffs .
Gasping I then saw that we standing on a pile of large cliff-like rocks and the sea was stretched out in front of us, the blue waves sparking and tossing.
‘Well, I woke up on the cliffy beaches of Riverton,’ she answered.
In the urban maze of narrow streets cut between the cliff-like skyscrapers below, there was mayhem.
These cliff-like structures tower above the pavement, presenting a lavish display of cut-stone decoration and detail.
He floats for two days and when he nears the land all he can see are violent crags and cliffs .
Granada province’s coastline is rugged and cliffy .
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