Terjemahan dari impress
impress, strike, inscribe
affect, influence, sway, predispose, govern, impress
print, score, mold, impress, publish, mint
remind, warn, bring to mind, admonish, think, impress
imbibe, impress, discern, pay close attention, fix, convince
menanamkan kesan pd
brand, stamp, stigmatize, seal, print, impress
impress, strike, arouse, excite, engender
impression, impress, image, sound, imprint, trace
imprint, impress
Definisi impress
an act of making an impression or mark.
bluish marks made by the impress of his fingers
make (someone) feel admiration and respect.
they immediately impressed the judges
sinonim: make an impression on, have an impact on, influence, affect, move, stir, rouse, excite, inspire, dazzle, awe, overawe, take someone’s breath away, amaze, astonish, grab, blow someone away, stick in someone’s mind
make a mark or design on (an object) using a stamp or seal; imprint.
she impressed the damp clay with her seal
fix an idea in (someone’s mind).
nobody impressed on me the need to save
sinonim: emphasize to, stress to, bring home to, instill in, inculcate into, drum into
apply (an electric current or potential) from an external source.
At this point the capacitor is fully charged and it carries the full impressed voltage.
force (someone) to serve in an army or navy.
a number of Poles, impressed into the German army
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make an impression on, imprint, emphasize to, instill, yarn-dye, affect, print, shanghai
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Andean cultures used seals to impress designs on pottery
The cultural life of Kashmir has had the impress of great mystics.
The ‘visit’ was, in truth, a vast exercise in participatory theatre, designed to impress his allies and intimidate his generals.
bluish marks made by the impress of his fingers
As empty spaces, they carry an impress of the pure sterility imparted by death – the sense of the ascetic and the pure that comes with too many washings of the same white sheet.
It was a move designed to impress every eye watching.
Thus it is that, although religions claim universality, much of what is claimed to be universal is discovered to bear the impress of culture, society and history.
A book on British politics based on the 1980s and early 1990s inevitably bore the heavy impress of Mrs Thatcher and the ideas and policies associated with her.
Although mainstream church attendance is in decline, Scotland bears the impress of its Protestant history.
Twenty-three different seals were used to impress the 56 nodules from Thebes.
In contrast, entrances to palaces and places of worship are usually large and designed to impressvisitors with the power of the owner or the importance of a religion.
bluish marks made by the impress of his fingers
his desire to put his own impress on the films he made
Golden light makes the landscape seem otherworldly, yet it has the reassuring impress of humanity about it.
He was a prolific book illustrator, and as few other artists had the power to concentrate the impress of his genius in even the smallest and slightest of his works.
Also, the creepiest images – the ones that linger like the impress of clammy fingers on the back of your neck – are in the first volume.
The office, like the chair, was designed to impress more than actually function.
If you want to impress any ideas on people, try being reasonable.
Later, eager to impress Mark in the pub, she foregoes her normal vodka-and-coke and nonchalantly orders a glass of wine.
he has to put on an act to impress
They are also-significantly, perhaps-those showing the deepest impress of Swift’s work.
The impress of age and experience is not only disregarded but frowned upon.
the company should impress the cards with a stamp
Brass and, to some extent, bronze finishing tools have been used for centuries by bookbinders toimpress designs and lines onto leather bindings.
his desire to put his own impress on the films he made
he has to put on an act to impress
they carried a travel warrant authorizing them to impress transport and requisition billets
Although this should be an easy victory for Kaddour, the pressure to impress those at ringside will be great.
When he started dating a girl he was quite seriously about, Mum opened a bank account, weekly deposited money into and gave him an access card so he could impress his girl.
The conventional view held that cultural impress on the New World was rudimentary, artless, too recent to have mellowed the garish profusion of nature.
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