Terjemahan dari brigand
robber, mugger, brigand, hijacker, footpad, marauder
bandit, gangster, villain, brigand, desperado, scoundrel
criminal, villain, crook, gangster, felon, brigand
Definisi brigand
a member of a gang that ambushes and robs people in forests and mountains.
This was a reference to the place’s reputation in the past as a dangerous spot for highwaymen and brigands .
‘He was a brigand , impostor and forger,’ he says.
The code wasn’t binding on the Royal and Imperial courts, and brigandage was a hanging offense.
It seems to have been brigandry , slave-trade, and other trade.
The desert tribes derived a part of their revenue from brigandage against other tribes, pilgrims and travellers.
This was a reference to the place’s reputation in the past as a dangerous spot for highwaymen andbrigands .
In February 1801 special criminal courts with wide powers were created to deal with brigandage .
In addition to the problem of local brigands , enemy raids were a hazard until the peace of 1699.
Bodin distinguished between war and other forms of organized violence such as raiding andbrigandage .
After nine years of brigandage , he turned back to Wessex and began to ‘contend for the kingdom.’
Calvinus had died rich, the protector of innumerable sheep-farmers, the scourge of Southern brigandry.
After the Jacobite rebellion failed Rob continued his brigandry , and had his finger in more than one illegal pie.
Finally, it is useful to consider briefly the range of local military forces that bore on the suppression ofbrigandage .
‘They looked like brigands to me,’ Kamaria huffed, ‘Common criminals looking to steal our gold.’
They are yesteryear’s forest brigands who have turned protectors.
In this role he set out to deal with brigandry and banditry of the Isaurian warlord Indacus.



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