erjemahan dari breeding
breeding, propagation
maintenance, care, upkeep, preservation, raising, breeding
breeding, proliferation, propagation, reproduction, prolificacy
education, training, school, qualification, edification, breeding
care, upbringing, nurture, education, breeding, auspices
Definisi breeding
the mating and production of offspring by animals.
palolo worms use the moon to time their breeding
sinonim: reproduction, procreation, mating; rearing, raising, nurturing
  • reproduction, procreation, mating
  • rearing, raising, nurturing
  • upbringing, rearing, parentage, family, pedigree, blood, birth, ancestry
  • (good) manners, gentility, refinement, cultivation, polish, urbanity, class
  • education, training
  • bringing up, nurture, upbringing, raising, fosterage, rearing, fostering
  • reproduction, procreation, facts of life
  • gentility, genteelness
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the flooding of the rivers is a trigger for breeding to start
The police had imposed conditions on a proposed demonstration against the breeding of cats for scientific research.
This results in higher competition for scarce breeding and foraging resources.
They do not have complete knowledge of breeding and rearing young parrots.
Once you’ve got regulated breeding, it’s a short skip to selective breeding – eugenics.
Well-to-do travelers prized manners because they are the best available evidence of the breeding and character of new acquaintances.
This would provide a breeding area for fish and other marine life, enhancing the biological and economic productivity of the sea.
Selective breeding produced bigger cattle, sheep, and pigs.
a girl of good breeding
Their observation affords both entertainment and an affirmation of their superior restraint and breeding.
He is on the opposite end of the social spectrum, a wannabe aristocrat without the breeding to easily fit in.
We allow only the 50% fittest crows to survive before the breeding season starts.
a girl of good breeding
What the Duke refers to is clearly not his rank and breeding but his essential human nature.
When she presented herself, she sounded like any of the young ladies of breeding he’d meet.
Obviously, the fellow had no breeding , no refinement, nothing – he was merely a perfumed popinjay in a ridiculous suit.
These dogs were used to populate the breeding programs set up to resurrect the breed.
the breeding of rats and mice for experiments
The first is animal breeding , which is the primary driver for a new domestic industry of this kind.
But cattle that are grown for breeding can be raised conventionally until the last third of each pregnancy.
The problem is, people are getting confused between genetic engineering and selective breeding .
Sanitation is at least 75 percent of the fly control program preventing fly breeding .
Both appeared to have good manners and fine breeding .
The old concept of an officer and a gentleman being such because of background, family status andbreeding is gone.
Some geneticists and population viability experts suggest 300 to 400 breeding females are needed.
The work is clearly meant to warn of the dangers of breeding based upon genetic research.
They occur in small bachelor herds or in breeding herds consisting of male and female with young.
In both cases the result is assortative mating or breeding among mates that possess similar genes.
She was as poised and elegant as her breeding required, Grace thought, and certainly she dressed as befitted her status.
Man has been genetically modifying plants and animals with selective breeding and hybridization for millennia.
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