Terjemahan dari resident
population, resident, inhabitant, invader, occupant, habitant
occupant, resident, inhabitant, tenant, inmate, denizen
yg tetap tinggal
typical, unique, characteristic, specific, peculiar, resident
Definisi resident
living somewhere on a long-term basis.
he has been resident in Brazil for a long time
sinonim: living, residing, in residence, dwelling; live-in, living in
a person who lives somewhere permanently or on a long-term basis.
Citizens or permanent residents of other countries must have a valid passport and/or a valid visitor’s visa.
sinonim: inhabitant, local, citizen, native, townsfolk, townspeople, householder, homeowner, occupier, tenant, denizen
a medical graduate engaged in specialized practice under supervision in a hospital.
He currently works as a medical resident at another hospital and is waiting to hear the final outcome for this case.
  • living, residing, in residence, dwelling
  • live-in, living in
  • inhabitant, local, citizen, native, townsfolk, townspeople, householder, homeowner, occupier,tenant, denizen
  • occupant, occupier
  • house physician, resident physician
The applicant was an Italian national who had been legally resident in France since his birth and was working there as a trade union official.
Eastern Washington populations are migratory, while west-side birds are resident .
He is also resident chef for the channel’s Food & Drink and regularly appears on Ready Steady Cook.
Strings of brown algae introduced to territories are quickly removed by the resident fish.
A third hypothesis is based on the idea that resident and migratory species may use different strategies to acquire territories and breeding opportunities.
To gain permanent residency, the temporary resident farm-worker would need to fulfill a prospective agricultural-work requirement.
To talk more about all of this we’re joined now by a resident scholar at the Institute in Washington.
The 1951 questionnaire was sent to all doctors resident in the United Kingdom whose addresses were known to the BMA.
And also, resident hummingbirds are expected to be more tenacious than migrants.
During the first treatment, resident mice remained on each site throughout the study period.
In recent years, scientists revealed that resident killer whales were heavily contaminated with deadly toxic chemicals.
He is sitting in his office at the American Enterprise Institute, where he is a resident fellow.
She’s a law professor at the University of New Mexico and a resident scholar at the American Bankruptcy Institute.
Although lots of other birds rate highly, that trio tops the charts of our summer resident birds.
He said the adults who tried to solicit these children were aware of the profile of the children resident in the homes.
During summer orientation, students are assigned a PDP adviser and two student resident counselors.
The course is open to all unemployed people resident in the Portlaoise area including those on Community Employment.
This could lead anyone to think that they are sedentary birds, resident in the same area throughout their lives.
It gets worse, the virus scanning part of the process runs from a separate PC – which means you’re unlikely to pick up memory resident viruses.
This can result in the transmission of pathogens from introduced to naïve resident animals, or fromresident to naive-introduced animals.
While abroad, French officials resident in Rome began to collect early Italian gold-ground paintings and created a new taste for primitive Christian art.
Its many distinctive habitats offer some of the most wonderful resident , migrating, and wintering bird species in the area.
The dummy nests are also used throughout the year for shelter, and dummy nests of resident birds tend to be sturdier than dummy nests of migrants who do not use them for winter shelter.
In 1820 he was appointed resident at the court of the Nizam.
Even though the patient was not on the family practice service, the resident accompanied him to the intensive care unit while a staff member contacted his private physician.
An example would be retro viruses that attack antivirus software by deleting virus definition tables or memory resident scanners.
At the end of 2002 there were 63,996 driving licences held by people resident in County Mayo.
A mature bull, at twice the weight of a red deer, is by far our largest resident mammal and a most impressive animal by any standard.
Because origin could not be ascertained, both species were classified as resident as well as nomadic.
The concession applies to work done on all foreign-flagged vessels whose owners are not resident in Venezuela.
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