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ingratiate, propitiate
Definisi ingratiate
bring oneself into favor with someone by flattering or trying to please them.
a social climber who had tried to ingratiate herself with the city gentry
a sycophantic attempt to ingratiate herself with the local aristocracy
a social climber who had tried to ingratiate herself with the city gentry
Nor did she apologise for the desire to be admired: it didn’t appear to be an act of approval-seekingingratiation but rather one of aggressive confidence.
Make contacts, ingratiate yourself to people, impress them, charm them.
We used to spend entire ‘layout weekends’ to get the school paper ready for press, oftentimes spending the entire weekend ingratiating ourselves on the hospitality of Phil and his family.
He says, ‘You don’t know whether she was trying to ingratiate herself to other kids by doing favours.
By selling off heirlooms and ingratiating themselves with prison staff and exiled aristocrats the twins eventually secure his release.
There’s nothing unusual about reporters ingratiating themselves to a source.
It was the pursuit of total ingratiation with the media and it sort of bothered me a bit.
But the carefully staged set-piece interview in the Times in which he came out had the feel of an ageing crooner desperate to ingratiate himself with the younger generation by bringing out a rap record.
Well, if the emphasis is on ingratiating themselves , I don’t agree with that, because I think it’s now seen very much in their interest to cooperate with us.
You will be fêted and your ego stroked; ingratiation will be the first approach.
Exclamation marks suggest a certain unflattering ingratiation , especially in letters written to strangers.
You could even be advised by the presiding judge to try and sell your efforts to barristers-at-law in any future court appearances and ingratiate yourself with the judiciary.
Recycling is useful both as incantation and as ingratiation .
Obsequiousness tends to refer to a desire to ingratiate oneself , and to win benefits through flattery.
Counsel will do anything to ingratiate themselves with the Court, Mr Jackson.



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