Terjemahan dari feint
feint, tell a lie, put across, tell a story, fable, fib
membuat gerakan pura-pura
dissemblance, feint, malingering, affectation, dissimulation, hypocrisy
pukulan pura-pura
Definisi feint
a deceptive or pretended blow, thrust, or other movement, especially in boxing or fencing.
a brief feint at the opponent’s face
make a deceptive or distracting movement, typically during a fight.
he feinted left, drawing a punch and slipping it
denoting paper printed with faint lines as a guide for handwriting.
bluff, blind, ruse, deception, subterfuge, hoax, trick, ploy, device, dodge, sham, pretense,cover, smokescreen, distraction, contrivance, deke, red herring
Your opponent makes a feint to your six, then hits your eight with a simple lunge.
a brief feint at the opponent’s face
a brief feint at the opponent’s face
Fencing has developed over the centuries to become Europe’s most refined martial art, and when one learns how to feint , lunge, parry and riposte it is possible to take this combative art to Olympic level.
The German High Command, viewing the Normandy attack as a feint , failed until too late to commit their armored reserves.
He taught me how to feint and pull back and right-hand counter-punch.
A feint can force your enemy to tie down huge amounts of forces to protect against an attack that never comes.
Fix the enemy in place using skirmishes, artillery, feints , and demonstrations while probing his lines.
So we circled each other for some time feinting at one another.
Leo feinted punches at her face, in a playful, yet spiteful way.
I jumped back, and charged, feinting an attack to the right.
I shifted my grip on my weapon and parried as he feinted at me.
The self-absorbed men take center stage via a series of furtive crouches, runs, hops, and boxing feints.
He took half a step backwards to stabilise himself, before feinting to the left and bringing his sword around to the right.
In a more narrow sense, the use of strategy may be seen in demonstrations and feints that surprise the enemy by hitting him where he is unprepared.
He feinted a left jab and delivered a right hook.
I thought I gained my respect early and the guy saw that all those feints and tricks were not working.
Both players attempt to control the space by confusing the opponent with feints and deceptive moves.
After several moments, he lunged forward, feinting a kick, but cartwheeled back as I lowered my hand to block.
If the attack is commenced when the opponent’s blade is not in line, the attack may be completed either direct, or by one disengagement or by a cut-over, or else be preceded by successful feints which oblige the opponent to parry.
His eyes widened momentarily, but then he scowled and feinted a kick, then swung his arm around.
Account should be taken at the same time of enemy methods of feints and other stratagems.
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