Terjemahan dari vessel
ship, boat, vessel, craft, shipboard, watercraft
vessel, artery, tube, duct, pipe
vessel, container, vase
container, vessel, receptacle, crock
basin, vessel, trough, font, dolly tub, scuttle
place, where, spot, point, area, vessel
Definisi vessel
a ship or large boat.
The bridge only opens with two keys, at the moment it is high and open, which would allow ships and other nautical vessels to pass beneath us.
sinonim: boat, ship, craft, watercraft, bark/barque
a hollow container, especially one used to hold liquid, such as a bowl or cask.
Once you decide on the drinking vessel (goblet, bowl, mug or stein), you need to get it from the shelves.
sinonim: container, receptacle, basin, bowl, pan, pot, urn, tank, cask, barrel, drum, vat
a duct or canal holding or conveying blood or other fluid.
And consuming too much alcohol also can dilate the blood vessels in the skin, giving it a reddish hue.
  • boat, ship, craft, watercraft, bark/barque
  • container, receptacle, basin, bowl, pan, pot, urn, tank, cask, barrel, drum, vat
  • vas
  • watercraft
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giving honour unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel
When the glass had cooled, the clay/sand model was carefully scraped out of the container, leaving the hollow glass vessel .
Forty tonnes of marine diesel are still thought to be on board the sunken vessel .
It took little more than a minute before all of the creature was contained in the little vessel .
In some parts of the world it is all too easy to board a merchant vessel unlawfully.
It can only obtain a liquid state under very high pressure in a containment vessel .
giving honor unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel
Once the document was on the ship, the vessel was allowed to anchor.
It would take him about 10 minutes to walk round the vessel and check the containers.
Our descent into hell was caused by a bolt of lightening striking, with unerring accuracy, a vessel which contained a chemical that doesn’t get on well with sources of ignition.
Some strokes are due to a bleed from a vessel in the brain rather than a clot.
The refilling vessel contains liquid water and gas.
I care not for weakness if you say that I am not enough of a vessel to contain you.
In the right hands it is probably the most adaptable and seaworthy vessel afloat.
He knew he should have immediately collected the spilled magic and contained it in a vessel for later use.
In front of the statue and behind the platform is a huge vessel that contained oil to light a so-called ‘Everlasting Lamp’.
For each examined sample, the entire thickness of the vessel wall was imaged.
Once you decide on the drinking vessel (goblet, bowl, mug or stein), you need to get it from the shelves.
An intensive search for the vessel ‘s mother ship was mounted but nothing found.
Finally, I saw on the horizon a large naval vessel .
Assisting a cargo vessel approach its berth she got into difficulties and capsized.
Two landmines went off in our faces, drenching us both with warm milk, the pressure too much to be contained in the transparent vessels before us.
Officers found each of the vessels contained protected fish.
There was no movement of dye between them, indicating that vessels did not criss-cross between adjacent vascular bundles.
In Scandinavia many bowls and cooking vessels have been found carved from soapstone, or steatite, a mineral that is very heat tolerant.
Since May, more than 98 vessels have been boarded for inspection.
The most common form of vessels were cups, bowls or jugs used for storage of liquid or dry consumer goods.
The typhoon, which sank 18 vessels and broke 13 container cranes at ports, has caused millions of pounds worth of damage so far.
It’s not the gospel that is so fragile but we, the vessels – and it’s OK for us to be fragile, to be weak and sinful, to be utterly human.
Glass containers, ceramic vessels and galvanised cans brimming with an array of cacti, gerbera and orchids are available for your mum’s Mother’s Day delectation.
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