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In Days of Yore

Current novels are replete with lurid crimes, carnage, and death. Do you get wistful when you recall the romantic tales which begin with an innocent maiden traveling through the rustic countryside? She is dressed in glittering raiment. The scene is idyllic. Without warning, the group is set upon by a virile brigand, who, the most perfunctory and callous entourage is in a state of bedlam. Her corpulent escort is irate, but unable to do anything to thwart this debacle. All he can do is rail against the catastrophe. What to do? What to do?

  • yore – dahulu kala, masa lampau
  • lurid- menerikan, seram, mendebarkan
  • carnage- pembantaian
  • wistful- sayu, sedih, murung, bermuram durja
  • rustic- pedesaan
  • countryside – daerah pedesaan
  • glittering- berkilauan
  • raiment- pakaian
  • idyllic- sangat indah, menarik
  • set upon – ditetapkan atas
  • virile- jantan, kuat, bertenaga
  • brigand- perampok, bandit, penjahat
  • perfunctory- acuh tak acuh, asal saja
  • callous- tak berperasaan
  • entourage – rombongan
  • bedlam- hiruk pikuk, gaduh, ribut, gempar
  • corpulent- gendut
  • escort- mengantar, mengawal, mengiringi
  • irate- marah, berang
  • thwart- mencegah, menghalangi
  • debacle- bencana, kegagalan
  • rail- mencerca
  • catastrophe – bencana, malapetaka



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