The Competition Is Destructive Culture

The Competition Is Destructive Culture

Let’s consider the natural rules that are in us. Starting from the human body, each cell and organ grow together since the fetus. The following are lessons we can take.

No fellow blood cells compete with other blood cells and try to defeat other blood cells. There are also no blood cells that try to defeat the spinal cord cells. All grow together. Mutual support, mutual protection, mutual support and mutual salvation.

Each performs its own function. No one tried to influence other cells or other organs to switch functions to be the same as him.

All live in harmony so that they can grow together.

When do our body cells try to defeat other cells?

When there are foreign cells from germs, bacteria and viruses that enter.

It turns out that the presence of germs, bacteria and viruses is so that the immune system in the human body can continue to work. If there are no germs, bacteria and viruses that enter, the immune system will slowly die by itself. As if someone stopped using one of their limbs, for example their legs. Slowly the leg muscles will shrink and the nerves will be turned off one by one. So that the feet can no longer be used to move and feel.

Are there conditions that make the body’s cells compete with each other?

There is. That is the condition when some cells of the body turn into cancer cells because they are constantly damaged by toxins or radiation.

When body cells become cancer cells. All competition conditions occur.

Blood cells try to conquer other blood cells.
One liver cell tries to dominate the other liver cells.
One skin cell affects other skin cells to become followers
Lung cells affect other lung cells to stop providing oxygen to other body cells.

If you pay attention further. The culture of competition is the opposite of the teachings of many religions that teach cooperation and tolerance.

Fasting, choir, meditation and samadhi which train lust control and tolerance are reversed by the culture of competition which actually trains pride and desires to conquer the winner and low self-esteem and humiliation for the losers.

The culture of this competition also gave rise to excessive pride in the group who had become winners. Be it a certain group of people, ethnicity, religion or race. Pride that is built is usually accompanied by degrading other groups. This will usually be followed by similar retaliation from other groups. The peak is the emergence of war between humans.

The situation is really the same as the body affected by cancer. There is a war between body cells from the same person.

The losers are the owner of the body. In humanity, the losers are all humanity.

Then in the event of fertilization of eggs by sperm cells, is that a competition?

Maybe so far we have been taught to perceive that millions of sperm compete to fertilize an egg.

But is this really the scheme?

What if it turns out that the weaker sperm cells actually help open the way for the strongest cells? Then the sperm cells that do not fertilize the egg then perform other functions besides fertilizing? Because nothing was created useless or just a losing party …

Actually this is a form of collaboration of millions of sperm cells to prepare a sperm cell that fertilizes the egg, because in the vagina and uterus there is a layered defense system that can make millions of sperm cells fail all of them.

It’s time we need to reflect again, do we still need to maintain a culture of competition? Whereas the human task created by God is not to compete.



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