Straighten Neno Prayers

Straighten Neno Prayers

O Allah Almighty, fulfill Your promise to me. O Allah, Almighty, give what you promised me. O Allah Almighty, if you destroy this Islamic army, then no one will worship You on this earth. [HR. Muslim 3/1384 hadith no. 1763].

Such is the prayer of the Prophet Muhammad when facing the battle of Badr. Prayer cannot be applied in the present situation, especially in Indonesia. Why First, during the Badar war, the enemies of Islam were idol worshipers who clearly obstructed the pursuit of Islam. Second, the Prophet is not in an attacking position or wants to conquer the enemy. But in a position to protect himself from enemy attacks. The prophet is a very human apostle. When the Prayer is spoken, the Qur’an has not yet come down completely. It took more than 10 years after the Badr event, then the Al-Qur’an came down completely.

Now we discuss it simply why the Badar war prayer proposition is not appropriate to be associated with elections. First. Prabosan’s opponents were not idol worshipers. Jokowi and Ma’ruf Amin is his religion of Islam and is clearly Islamic. The two of them never prevented the spread of Islam. Oh, you doubt Islam, saying they belong to a group that is not Islam. Even though the facts all know Islamic Jokowi and Ma’ruf Amin. It is still insistent that they were both supported by a party which was a religionist, so it entered the infidel group. So that only your group is blessed by Allah. So you deserve to pray like the Prophet at the time of the Battle of Badr. So this is the word of the Prophet “Whoever calls the infidels or enemies of Allah when they are concerned is not, the accusation will return to the accuser” (Bukhari-Muslim).

Secondly, Jokowi and Ma’ruf Amin, including their supporting parties, did not carry out life-threatening attacks against Probosan along with his supporters. This is only an election whose rules are mutually agreed upon by the candidates. A referee is an independent person who does not side with anyone. So there is no term attack on the camp of Probosan which deserves to be feared and feared like the Battle of Badr. Even if Jokowi, Ma’ruf Amin wins, it will not be able to forbid people from carrying out religious rituals, including worshiping Allah. Why? because the basis of our country is Pancasila which recognizes in the Constitution the existence of religion. The UN in the human rights convention also guarantees everyone to exercise their religious freedom.

The biggest lesson from the battle of Badr is not the war against the unbelievers but the war against lust. Why? Upon returning from the battle of Badr. Rasulullah SAW. Say to friends “We are returning from a small war and will face a great war (Jihad Akbar)”.

Among friends there are those who ask, “is there more war that is bigger and more powerful than the battle of Badr?” He replied. “War against lust in each of them”. Right. That because of lust one can force God to grant his prayer, threateningly. Though the core teachings of Tawheed are sincere. Without full trust in God, it is impossible for anyone to be sincere. Why ? because God is Management and knows what is best for Him. Not according to us as humans. So, whatever happens, we must accept sincerely.

That because it is human lust justifies all means to win. Not only threatens God through prayer but also does not feel uncomfortable if you have to lie about justice for the poor, even though controlling the land and abundant wealth is not spelled out without any willingness to share. It is still asking for donations to the people. Because passion is reason and education is useless to determine the path to the light of truth. Because it is lust, brothers and sisters of different political backgrounds are considered enemies. Because it is the difference between being an enemy and a source of war. There is nothing more infidel except for our own lust. The real enemy is within ourselves. Fight lust with faith and reason … that’s a lifelong war in the body.

source: Facebook Group Discussion with Babo