What is Metaphysical Energy?

What is Metaphysical Energy?

Metaphysical energy is different from inner energy. Many people misunderstand and cannot distinguish between inner and metaphysical energy. This is not entirely their fault, as many metaphysical schools use the term “inner energy” to refer to their metaphysical teachings. I experienced this in the 1990s when there was a surge of interest in our country’s “inner energy” schools. At that time, I joined the Silat Sin Lam Ba school. Many of my high school friends joined Satria Nusantara, Kalimasada, Pandawa Padma, PPS Panca Daya, Kamasha Margaluyu, Bunga Islam, etc.

In my opinion, the teachings that were learned in Sin Lam Ba, Satria Nusantara, and Panca Daya at that time, such as how to protect oneself by deflecting an attacking opponent who is in a state of emotional bias, were not techniques of inner energy but instead belonged to metaphysical energy, invisible energy, or prana energy.

So what does inner energy look like? It’s more or less like breaking hard objects such as files, blocks of ice, and wooden blocks, demonstrated by LSBD Hikmatul Iman, Betako Merpati Putih, Sindo (Kateda), or other martial arts schools. By the way, the Sin Lam Ba demonstration above also included a demonstration of inner energy.

Unfortunately, many religious teachers and scholars also do not understand this difference, so they often provide information that is not accurate to their followers. For example, those who define inner energy as “energy to bounce people around” 🙂

So, what is the definition of metaphysical energy? Metaphysical energy is a powerful, invisible form of energy that exists outside the body and can be obtained in various ways. These include being infused by a teacher, fasting, meditation, or performing certain rituals. That is why it is also called invisible energy or prana energy. Others call it Reiki, Wisdom Knowledge, and so on.

Metaphysical energy comes from outside the human body. “meta” means outside, while “physical” refers to the body. Similar to the concept of Tenaga Dalam, meta-physical energy has various uses, such as for self-defense, healing, and long-distance striking.

Besides the energy within the body, humans also possess potential energy outside their bodies. The energy outside the body is electromagnetic in nature because it has negative and positive charges and functionally surrounds the human body, constantly moving. When strengthened, it can change shape and function according to the person’s will.

Generally, the electromagnetic waves that surround the human body are known as the aura. With advances in optical technology, the existence of this electromagnetic wave can be proven through real photos taken using a Kirlian camera. This camera was created by Kirlian, a Russian scientist, and has since been improved into the Aura Camera 6000. Through this camera, we can see the electromagnetic field surrounding the human body with various color spectrums that have implications based on the person’s physical and psychological condition. Recently, there has been an aura photo application on Android smartphones. However, it cannot be relied upon based on experience, observations, and various discussions. For now, the cost of taking an aura photo remains quite high.

Do you want to see the results of an Aura photo in Mangga Dua, Jakarta? Here is an example from my friend who just had their Aura photo taken there.

The potential energy in the form of electromagnetic waves can be increased by absorbing energy from nature. It is important to know that our body has a mechanism for absorbing and extracting energy from the surrounding nature by using electromagnetic waves. The greater the power of the electromagnetic waves in the body, the greater the ability of the body to utilize the energy for various needs.

The utilization of electromagnetic waves in the body functionally depends on the programs/commands our minds give. Automatically, the electromagnetic energy in the body will function according to the commands given by our brain. This is not surprising because, in principle, all material and non-material potentials in humans function based on the commands given by our brains.

The metaphysical energy in electromagnetic waves can be utilized for various purposes, such as creating an energy shield to ward off disease, withstand extreme weather conditions (heat/cold), or have a physical impact. It can also treat various diseases by accelerating cell regeneration, increasing antibodies, and altering the genetic code for hereditary diseases. Additionally, it helps maintain the body’s homeostasis.

In reality, the concept of inner and metaphysical energy is vast and complex. The above explanation is just a small part of it, specifically about the electromagnetic waves of the human body.

There are three types of metaphysical energy in the world:

  1. Pure Black Metaphysical Energy – obtained through unethical means such as drinking the blood of infants or virgins, which is condemned by all religions.
  2. White-veiled Black Metaphysical Energy – obtained through seemingly good practices but leads to heresy or shirk. This type of metaphysical energy typically uses religious mantras or rituals, such as fasting for knowledge or reciting prayers in a language specific to their religion.
  3. Pure White Metaphysical Energy – directly given by Allah SWT without any intermediary or specific conditions. This energy can be granted to others, but the accountability in the afterlife will be significant. For example, Nabi Sulaiman AS was granted the power to control the wind and command the devils, which he could share or keep for himself without accountability.

Here is the difference between Inner Energy (Tenaga Dalam) and Metaphysical Energy (Tenaga Metafisik):

  • Inner Energy is generated through breath control and specific exercises. In contrast, Metaphysical Energy is generated through mantras and rituals and transferred by a teacher using terms like “opened,” “filled,” “transferred,” and so on.
  • In the case of long-range strikes, Inner Energy creates a strong gust of wind that can destroy the target, while Metaphysical Energy doesn’t create a noticeable gust of wind but causes the opponent to fall or the target to break.
  • With Inner Energy, a person can break hard objects with bare hands without specific incantations, while with Metaphysical Energy, breaking hard objects requires the assistance of spirits or specific incantations.
  • In terms of long-range defense, Inner Energy can repel attackers and destroy solid objects before they touch the body. This requires a person with great Inner Energy and perfect control. On the other hand, Metaphysical Energy requires the attacker to be emotional before they can be repelled. Sometimes, spirits triggered by specific rituals or incantations are involved.
  • Depending on the practitioner’s training, inner Energy generates cold and hot air vibrations. Metaphysical Energy doesn’t generate cold or hot air vibrations but rather a field of electromagnetic energy that moves the body.
  • Inner Energy cannot be removed, while the giver can remove Metaphysical Energy.
  • All movements in Inner Energy are conscious, while in Metaphysical Energy, there are subconscious movements sometimes referred to as sensitivity or discharge.
  • Inner Energy has no restrictions because it is generated through training. In contrast, some Metaphysical Energy has restrictions, such as immunity spells being broken by certain plants or losing power when crossing a river.
  • Inner Energy has various uses, such as enhancing the senses, multiplying strength, lightening the body, developing ESP, and healing. At the same time, Metaphysical Energy is usually only used for one purpose: attraction, immunity, authority, sales, and so on. However, some Metaphysical Energy has multiple uses, and some schools refer to this as Inner Energy.

These are the main differences between Inner Energy and Metaphysical Energy. It may be difficult for laypeople to distinguish between the two, but this information may serve as a reference for distinguishing between Inner Energy and Metaphysical Energy.