What is Lanterha The Lemurian Medidation?

What is Lanterha The Lemurian Medidation?

Lanterha The Lemurian Meditation or abbreviated as LANTERHA or LTLM is metamorphism of the Institute of Martial Arts Hikmatul Iman Indonesia. This institution aims more globally and internationally than in previous organizations. In legal terms, LTLM is one of the implementing units of the Lantera Foundation which is engaged in the development and exploration of human capabilities as a whole. The training methods applied at LANTERHA have been proven to help millions of people and provide broad benefits to the community. In local terms, LTLM is also known as the Lanterha Breath of Art. People who have been actively involved with this organization are known as Lanterhian.

If you are interested in studying and practicing at this institution, please join through the available online features, or be able to stay in touch with our branch/training unit spread across several cities. To get up to date information about LTLM, please follow the Lanterha Center Instagram accounts and various Lanterha branches.

In the information age as now, the constraints of time, distance and costs faced by the Lanterhians as far as possible are overcome by online classes with special materials that are directly guided by Kang Dicky Zainal Arifin. This online class uses the interactive video streaming feature that allows each participant to interact directly with the Material Giver.

There are 4 categories of LANTÉRIAN:

  1. ZADRAMA: are those who study all subject matter such as martial arts, internal energy, and metaphysics in full and follow each level of training. Rankings at the HI LSDD are still valid at LANTÉRHA.
  2. HALÉVA / treatment: those who only follow this are usually for health and meditation classes, as well as calm. All medical knowledge is taught here to the depth.
  3. ANNARGIA / Energy: a class for those who prefer inner power and crushing power. They will be more focused on deepening their inner strength without being disturbed by martial arts and other programs. The test is different.
  4. TARRANT / Silat: This class is a class of fighters and specifically studying battles also deepens martial arts, specifically in their training. But it is not impossible for them to join other classes and to choose multi-disciplines in depth. Or just take the thing you like the most.

There are several large levels, namely:

  1. First, the basic level or MARATHA (Wind) which is divided into ten levels, from the Heza Maratha to the Maratha Dheza.
  2. The second level is BANIALA (Water). It has five parts from Baniala Heza to Baniala Lhima. There are also special training patterns for this level
  3. Third level PARTALA (Earth). This level has three training patterns. Starting from Partala Heza to Partala Tria
  4. ALGAM (Metals). This level has only two levels. Algam Heza and Algam Lurha.
  5. ZANNA (Fire). At this level, there is only one level. Where everything can be studied in depth.



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