What is Inner Power?

What is Inner Power?

Fans of martial arts comics and films probably know the term “Inner Power.” However, the understanding and definition of Tenaga Dalam in society vary. In the early 90s, I was actively training in “Perguruan Pencak Silat Sin Lam Ba” in Bandung after being impressed by their demonstration of Tenaga Dalam, which involved the ability to knock down an attacker without touching them. This reminded me of the scenes I often saw in martial arts comics that I read at the time.

Similar demonstrations of Inner Power can also be found in other Silat and Breathwork schools such as Satria Nusantara, Sinar Putih, Bunga Islam, Q-Magnetism, Reiki, Mahatma, Pandawa Padma, and others. However, the concept of Tenaga Dalam that I learned was that it is a type of contact skill that works when we are attacked emotionally by an opponent. This is somewhat different from what I saw in epic martial arts films or read in the comics of Asmaraman S Kho Ping Ho, which mentions that Tenaga Dalam is also used for healing and reducing body weight.

However, when I observed and researched some other martial arts schools, such as Kateda or PSTD or Sindo, Merpati Putih, Perisai Diri, and LSBD Hikmatul Iman, which has now transformed into “Lanterha The Lemurian Meditation”, I found other information that made me have a different perspective on Tenaga Dalam.

Then, I discovered another study about Tenaga Dalam. What I learned in Sin Lam Ba might be more appropriately called Metaphysical Energy, Ghost Energy, Prana Energy, Reiki, or maybe some other term I’m unfamiliar with. According to my research, a more accurate demonstration of Tenaga Dalam involves breaking hard objects, such as breaking a tile with one’s hand or even one’s head or having a strong body being hit by a wooden beam without injury, breaking a large block of ice, and similar feats. I concluded that Tenaga Dalam is not the same as the paranormal energy used to manipulate people’s emotions or during possession. Instead, Tenaga Dalam is the energy produced by the body’s metabolism, which can be focused using concentration.

Basically, everyone has Tenaga Dalam, but it may not be active because it has never been trained or because they don’t know how to train it. However, Tenaga Dalam is often awakened without the owner realizing it.

One example of the awakening of inner strength is when someone afraid of dogs suddenly exhibits extraordinary abilities in running and jumping over walls to escape from a chasing, rabid dog. The excessive fear triggers a surge of energy within them, automatically flowing to their legs, enabling them to run and jump with remarkable agility. Once the danger is over, the energy subsides, and they return to their normal state, realizing only then that they did something extraordinary. This is one instance of the unconscious awakening of inner strength.

Another example is when someone sleepwalks and exhibits extraordinary abilities that are not normal when awake. They may perform acrobatic feats like walking on the rooftop or even have visions of future events. This is also an instance of the awakening of inner strength.

Inner strength can also awaken in people who are hypnotized. I saw this on television where an ordinary woman became extremely strong when hypnotized. She was able to bend strong iron pipes and lift heavy barbells, as demonstrated by Master Limbad.

From the illustration above, it turns out that the demonstration of inner strength can also happen to ordinary people who are not practitioners of inner strength martial arts who practice breath work daily.

Inner strength is a common term used in the world of martial arts. After understanding the concept of inner strength like that, I am amazed by the opinion of some who claim to be Islamic scholars but state that learning inner strength is of no benefit. That’s because the scholar lacks insight, especially if he goes so far as to say that inner strength is an innovation without Sunnah’s guidance.

Although not explicitly stated, the Quran guides that humans are perfect creatures. It is reasonable for humans to have inner strength because they are made perfect and elevated above other creatures Allah has created.

“And We have certainly honored the children of Adam and carried them on the land and sea and provided for them of the good things and preferred them over much of what We have created, with [definite] preference.” (Quran, Surat Al-Israa, verse 70)

“[He] who created you, proportioned you, and balanced you.” (Quran, Surat Al-Infithaar, verse 7)

One of the advantages of humans over other creatures is the ability to cultivate inner strength, which has been present in them since birth. But that strength is still passive and will become active when a person is in a state of panic, sleepwalking, hypnotized, or experiencing extreme fear.

Various forms of breathwork exercises in various martial arts schools are one of the most effective ways to awaken that inner strength while we are conscious.

How is Energy Produced in the Body?

The process of cellular respiration occurs in our body cells, which is the oxidation process of food substances such as glucose into carbon dioxide and water. The energy produced from this process is stored as ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) for later use in all cellular activities that require energy. The equation for this process can be simplified as O2 + ATP + glycogen Energy.

The mitochondria, a cellular organelle, is essential in producing energy in the body. It is called the “powerhouse” of the cell because it extracts energy from nutrients and oxygen, providing the most significant energy output (95%) necessary for the cell to perform its functions. The number of mitochondria in each cell varies from tens to thousands, depending on the amount of energy required by each cell. Mitochondria replicate themselves until the required amount is obtained to meet the cell’s energy demands.

The main components of cell energy production are oxygen and one or more food substances or nutrients. Inside the cell, these substances chemically react with oxygen under the influence of various enzymes or catalysts that regulate the reaction rate and direct the energy released in the appropriate direction. The energy produced forms Adenosine Triphosphate or ATP. ATP is then transferred outside the mitochondria towards all parts of the cytoplasm and nucleoplasm, where its energy is used to power the functions of the cell. Therefore, ATP is the cell’s energy currency, which can be stored and regenerated.

The energy produced by ATP is abundant and can even be harnessed as tremendous power during certain mental states, such as hypnosis, panic, sleepwalking, or trance. ATP also serves as a reserve energy source. For example, after exercising and becoming tired, our body will recover after a short rest. The energy produced by ATP in daily life is in the form of body heat, helps regulate adrenaline secretion, supports the formation of immune system antibodies, activates digestion, and powers all the organs’ activities in the human body.

According to research, humans only use about 2.5% of their body’s total energy daily. The remaining 97.5% is hidden as a reserve in the liver.

According to scientists from England who conducted research in Japan named Cean and Willson, they stated that mitochondria cells, which are the size of 1 square cm, can generate electricity of up to 200,000 volts. The ATP (adenosine triphosphate) bond will be broken when the body needs energy. When adenosine triphosphate releases one molecule, it becomes adenosine diphosphate (ADP) with two phosphate molecules. ADP can still release another phosphate molecule to become Adenosine Monophosphate (AMP). It is in this release process that energy is released.

ATP reacts with oxygen taken through respiration, producing ADP plus energy. ADP + reacts with oxygen, producing AMP plus energy. The problem is how to optimize and generate stored energy to be used in daily life.

Under normal conditions, the average human only uses 2.5% of their body’s energy. 97.5% is in a “sleep” state. If we can generate that energy around 20%, humans will have super abilities, such as significantly increasing IQ, becoming very powerful, jumping higher, increasing immune system, rapid wound healing, treating various diseases, increasing agility and speed, and many other abilities that cannot be mentioned.

With a more intelligent brain, humans can create more for the benefit of humanity, right?

Imagine if we can generate all that stored energy; humans can transform their bodies into energy and do anything they imagine and think of.

The problem is that no one has ever demonstrated such inner energy on Earth, where we live. If there is, it could be dangerous, and the person could be deified and worshiped. Inner energy, or the body’s reserve energy, is a type of energy that is centered on nerves around the upper abdomen. After being stimulated, it will gather in a part of the body called the solar plexus, sometimes called kundalini. According to various sources, the kundalini is a part of the human body shaped like 3 and a half circles, located between the tailbone and the genitals below the navel. It looks like a coiled or coiled snake. Note that the solar plexus is not an organ of the human body. Kundalini is a place to gather energy, called chi, khi; I wee-Kang, and Sin-Kang, commonly known as inner energy. It is important to note that the inner energy source is the upper abdomen, not the solar plexus, as commonly believed. The solar plexus is where the reserve energy is gathered after being stimulated. Because of this misunderstanding, many people need a long time to learn inner energy. In the simulation process, the energy from the ATP reaction has a certain process. When oxygen is normally sucked in, oxygen is only used to help smooth blood circulation, facilitate body metabolism, and supply the brain with enough oxygen. Oxygen also stimulates the energy in the body to animate regular body activity. However, taking oxygen is different, specifically in inner energy exercises. To awaken inner energy, a lot of adequate oxygen is needed.

To do so, a way is needed to transform normal breathing into special breathing by optimizing oxygen intake without wasting it while balancing it with other parts. Oxygen must circulate rapidly throughout the body to awaken the reserve energy quickly, and carbon dioxide must be eliminated quickly. Therefore, when exhaling, the body must be contracted. With body contraction, oxygen will circulate and form an energy vortex that absorbs all the scattered and hidden energy in the body. Toxic gas removal is done by exhaling through the mouth.

Taking oxygen through specific breathing and movements through internal energy exercises will produce greater energy than normal breathing. The reserve energy produced by ATP oxidation creates vibrations that flow through the veins and blood vessels when channeled. These energy vibrations differ, some are hot, and some are cold, depending on how the individual practices. Hot (positive) and cold (negative) energies can arise simultaneously if the person is infected with a virus or pathogenic bacteria, in other words, if they are sick. If this happens, the body will create a condition to kill the disease by randomly fluctuating body temperature, sometimes hot and sometimes cold. The fever symptoms we usually call are the body’s mechanism to fight disease automatically by using reserve or internal energy. The function of medication is only to stimulate the immune system to react quickly and firmly. These two energies can be awakened through proper exercises. The measure of the body’s reserve energy awakening is the warm feeling in the stomach or solar plexus area. This warm feeling is not scattered and can be channeled to any part of the body one wants. The longer the warm feeling lasts, the hotter it becomes and easier to channel.

The concept of inner energy taught at the Hikmatul Iman Martial Arts Institute is based on the “hot” energy flow. The hot energy flow has no side effects and can be transformed into cold energy once it is strong enough. However, this does not mean the institute does not teach the cold energy flow. Training for cold energy flow requires more time than training for hot energy flow, and the side effects of cold energy flow are very dangerous, such as impotence, blood clots, rheumatism, and so on.

Therefore, if one wants to learn the cold energy flow, one must also learn the hot energy flow. However, training both opposing energies requires special attention and a minimum of 8 hours of training per day.

People with inner solid energy tend to avoid hostility, except when defending themselves or someone else according to the rules. This tendency is due to the fear of making mistakes that could cause harm.

Moreover, high inner energy levels also chemically affect a person’s personality. A person with regulated body chemistry is less likely to get angry quickly and is, instead, more likely to remain calm.

By channeling this reserve energy to a specific point, it can create a force that can be used to break hard objects, heal injuries, and other things. Martial artists also use this energy to improve their martial arts skills, and it can be used as a powerful weapon. Humans who increase their strength by 0.1-0.3% (2.6-2.8%) can kill a horse in one blow or break five stacked steel bars.

The Functions of Inner Energy

The use and benefits of inner energy in daily life are not as common as the use of metaphysical energy. This is because inner energy affects a person’s condition in a less subtle way than metaphysical energy. However, there are several core functions of inner energy that can be used in everyday life.

The functions include:

First, physical strength becomes much stronger when inner energy has reached a certain level. This means that if, with normal physical strength, we can only lift a weight of 50 kg, we can lift heavier weights with the help of inner energy.

Second, to sharpen the five senses. This means that the five senses, sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste, become more sensitive at higher levels of inner energy.

Third, to awaken the sixth sense. The sixth sense, commonly known as “Extra Sensory Perception” or ESP, when awakened, makes our intuition sharper and allows us to sense danger before it happens. In addition, we can also sense someone’s malicious intentions just by looking at their facial expression.

“Four, to destroy hard objects. The ability to break hard objects depends on the level of energy mastery. The higher the energy level, the greater the destructive power against its target. The higher the energy level, the better its healing power when used to treat sick people.

Five, to lighten the body. You may not believe that an energy expert can run much faster than a world champion sprinter or jump beyond existing world records.

Six, to strengthen brain memory. Our brain has millions of cells with a very large memory capacity, but there is still no certainty about the actual capacity of human brain memory. All brain memories will work when the brain cells have enough energy supply. You may know that Albert Einstein, the inventor of the Theory of Relativity, recognized as a genius, could only use 3% of his brain cell capacity. With internal energy training, people can stimulate the work of brain cells that were previously passive due to a lack of energy supply.

Seven, to improve health and physical and disease resistance. The body will become immune to various diseases if our internal energy is strong. It can even cure chronic diseases. Actually, the body becomes weak because of a lack of energy. Tremendous energy can make the body very strong, even resistant to any impact. With more energy, the body will become denser and more solid, making it resistant to any kind of weapon, impact, medical or non-medical disorder.

Eight, to strengthen weak objects. So, in the hands of an energy expert, soft objects such as leaves, fans, and scarves can be used as powerful weapons. They can even be used to destroy hard objects. Fans of comics and martial arts films are familiar with scenes such as hitting opponents with a scarf and leaves thrown by a powerful martial artist that can pierce trees. Allegedly, the KRAIMAN metal katana sword can also be used as a soft belt or waistband when not in use, but it becomes a mighty and sharp sword when used in combat. Nowadays, we probably won’t see scenes like that anymore.

Nine, for telekinesis. When internal energy reaches a certain level, it can move objects from a distance. Moving objects from a distance can be done through remote pushes.

Actually, there are many developments from the nine main functions above; it’s just too long to discuss in this content. Most internal energy is more effective when used in battles because it has high destructive and healing power. It is very different from metaphysical energy. The metaphysical process can be said to be unfelt, but the result is real because metaphysical energy inside influences an object very subtly.”

If both of these are done, then the oxygen circulating in our body is clean oxygen without carbon dioxide. This is one of the secrets of why people who study inner energy correctly are always healthy and rarely get sick. But my favorite and most commonly seen application of inner energy is number seven. The application of inner energy is for healing purposes. Its benefits are very real. Besides being able to heal ourselves, friends, and family members who are sick, high levels of inner energy are not necessary for this purpose. Even with a few training sessions, many have proven they can channel their body’s energy to heal others. Isn’t that very beneficial?