The Legend of Arkhytirema

The Legend of Arkhytirema

According to the author, this novel will be published in a Trilogy. But until now, it has only been published until volume 2B. At present Kang Dicky Zainal Arifin is still busy with various alternative energy technology innovators. Maybe because the author of this book told the story without dramatized spices, for some fairytale lovers, the storyline in Akhytirema’s novel feels mediocre, even though the story idea is excellent and unique. Reportedly, exciting stories and full of intrigue will indeed occur in Volume 3, because there will be a lot of tales of history about the planet earth that has not been revealed that will emerge. I am personally curious because the history lessons taught at school cannot provide this information tale. Even information on historical records that occurred between 0 AD and the 10th century AD is still a mystery. Past events that occurred long before the year of the Lord began can only be estimated from various artifacts and inscriptions scattered on the face of the earth. Even then, the truth is very relative, depending on the interpretation of those considered historians. Not to mention the subjectivity of his argument, which is often ridden by political and personal interests.

But now, the most interesting part of this novel is the glossary, which seems to give a puzzle to fairy-tale pieces behind the long history of world civilization. I found many new terms that I never got from history books at school, although the term has not been agreed upon by historians.

This information turns out to be very connected with various explanations on Ancient Aliens on the History Channel, both contain mysteries, the truth is miraculous, but it makes sense and logic. But for me personally, every sci-fi writer will be happy with this glossary of novels, because it can provide a lot of inspiration to make a series of very interesting tales.

The name ARKHYTIREMA before the novel was published is certainly still foreign and unknown to the public. However, Indonesian people are certainly very familiar with the character of Aki Tirem, known in folklore or legend with many names. West Java people call it the name Aki Tirem or Eyang Wali Jangkung, who was the founder of the kingdom of Salakanagara. The Javanese and Balinese people know it by the name Angling Dharma. According to this novel, Arkhytirema is the real name of Aki Tirem or Angling Darma.

In this novel, it is told that ARKHYTIREMA has super abilities, more fantastic compared to Angling Dharma shows on television, more fantastic than just the ability to ride around the world. This novel tells the adventure of the galaxy from BARQHA to BARQHA. This story idea is similar to the film Serie Stargate, starring Richard Dean Anderson. The BARQHA principle in this novel is exactly the same as STARGATE in the film.

In this novel, it is told that the super abilities possessed by Arkhytirema are actually ADHAMA’s standard human abilities, perfect human abilities with 100% mastery of energy. Even the ability of Arkhytirema is still below the true ability of Adhama. Maybe this is what was never told in the stories of Aki Tirem and Salakanagara circulating in the community before.

If all this time we have heard a lot about the lost Mystery of Atlantis, it turns out that there is an Arkhytirema novel that has contributed to the puzzle piece of the answer to this mystery. Of course, the answers we need to explore the truth, are not necessarily in accordance with the agreement written earlier by people who claim to be historians. But, isn’t the truth of historical information given by academic historians not exact and not necessarily 100% correct?

In this novel, ATLANTIS is a nation that lives side by side with the LEMURIAN nation, and several other nations, supposedly, are the ancestors of all the nations of the world that live today. Wow … this is really a new story about the lost civilization of Atlantis with a different version than we have heard or seen before in Scifi films.

The story in this novel is indeed different from the Wangsakerta folklore script which says that Aki Tirem as the son of Ki Srengga, Ki Srengga Putera Nyai Sariti Warawiri, Nyai Sariti Warawiri daughter of Aki Bajulpakel, Aki Bajul pakel, Aki Dungkul from Swarnabhumi (Sumtera) south then lives in West West Java, son of Ki Pawang Sawer Dungkul Battery, Ki Pawang Sawer Putera Datuk Pawang Marga, Datuk Pawang Marga son Ki Bagang who dwells in northern Swarnabhumi, Ki Bagang son of Datuk Waling who lives on Hujung Mendini Island, Datuk Waling son Datuk Banda, he lives in the river bank dukuh, Datuk Banda son of Nesan, who comes from Langkasungka (Malay Land between Senggora (Songkhla) and Kelantan). While his ancestors came from the land of Yawana (Kingdom in western India) to the west.

In this novel, Arkhytirema is a child from AMNARUTA and BRINIRHA. The name Arkhytirema was given by RHAMIDAAR, the leader of the Lemurian nation. The meaning of Akhytirema is: ARK (ark) KHY (energy), TI (of), REM (cessation of the 12 planets on one line), and A (child, which is commonly used by the KHAINA people to call children). Arkhytirema superpower occurs due to genetic mutations produced by the energy fluctuations of the RHEM process that occur 3 hours ahead of the nation’s prediction LEMURIAN, due to the TARX nation taking solar hydrogen for the sun cloning process on planet KRAIRON.

The story of the Arkhytirema trilogy written by Dicky Zainal Arifin is indeed far more sophisticated than the story of Angling Dharma circulating in society from generation to generation. This is the adventure of an Arkhytirema exploring the universe that is spread in billions of galaxies in the universe. If Akang-Teteh had seen the film Serie Stargate, starring Richard Dean Anderson, it would certainly see the same logic from the way the Arkhytirema adventure from one place to another. The way of Cythirema is adventurous, similar to the film Stargate. The difference is, in the film Stargate, there are no powerful characters like Arkhytirema and other figures who are friends and opponents of Arkhytirema itself.

In the era of ARKHYTIREMA adventuring between galaxies from BARQHA to BARQHA, nuclear technology was very commonly used. Many weapons are now considered very sophisticated, in those days there were already.

In this book, it is also told about the existence of cloning technology in prehistoric times, ranging from what was done to humans, cloning animals, to cloning the sun to make an artificial sun for the purpose of life on Krairon Planet. One of the prehistoric cloned humans is ANUBIS whose images are found in the pyramids of Ancient Egypt.

This book tells the adventures of ARKHYTIREMA and its relation to the history of human civilization:

Starting from the birth process of ARHYTIREMA, various natural phenomena at birth, the technology used in the birth process, and so on.

  • The ARKHYTIREMA education process in PRODIMAAR, which is the LEMURIAN Nation education standard, is different from the education we are experiencing now that adopts the MINNARA system.
  • The beginning of Achythema’s adventure from seeking ADHAMA,
  • ADHAMA has been given the task of clearing the crisis of various nations on other planets in various galaxies, starting with the GORGOMA Crisis and the BRODELLA Crisis.
  • until finally sent as InterGalactic Ambassador of Peace.

Upcoming Novel Info on Arkhytirema:

1. Novel 2C titled ETHEPHAKA –> Tells about the formation of an Inter-Galactic Peace Forces called ETHEPHAKA and is led directly by Arkhytirema. It was also told about the meeting of Arkhytirema with 4 Daughters of 4 Kings of the Great Nations who had been killed while ganging up Arkhytirema namely Trendava, Almunroteph, Kalfrodumtra, Flisualinitz. 4 beautiful and powerful women in power in a number of galaxies trying to fight Arkhytirema.

2. Novel 3 entitled Ardh Grumma –> Tells the story of the history of the Earth starting when Arkhytirema and the 4 daughters of the King of the Great Nations returned to Earth. Arkhytirema begins its mission to foster humanity on Earth but on the other hand, 4 This King’s Daughter begins intrigue and mission to contest the human race on Earth by distributing deadly combat technology. Among these combat technologies are Strongga, the people of Earth call it “Wesi Kuning”. People who hold “Wesi Kuning” will have cell acceleration of 70% and this makes the person extraordinarily powerful and easy to become king. Wesi Kuning is actually a mixture of various super metals with uranium. Wesi Kuning was given by Ilfina, the daughter of the King of Bropa. Princess King Tarx provides Mirah Pomegranate nanotech. The other daughters of the King began distributing high energy rocks such as Clustonit and Gogonit to a number of nations on Earth who were allies.

3. Novel 4 tells the story of the war on Earth. When Arkhytirema embarked on a peace mission to various Galaxies, the Earth was abandoned. When this was abandoned Planet Earth became a great battleground involving weapons of destruction giving 4 Daughters of the King of the Great Nations.

4. Novel 5 tells the story of the return of Arkhytirema to Earth and begins the revamping of the Earth after it was destroyed by battles between nations triggered by the act of 4 Daughters of the King of the Great Nations. After being used for battle, Planet Earth was reset / re-set by the destruction of most of the human race by the Galactic Council through natural disasters. After re-setting, then Arkhytirema founded the kingdom of Salaksanagara.



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