The Legend of Arkhytirema

The Legend of Arkhytirema

According to the author, this novel will be published as a trilogy. However, until now, only volumes 2A and 2B have been released. Currently, Kang Dicky Zainal Arifin is still busy with various innovative alternative energy technologies. Perhaps because the author tells the story as it is, without any exaggerated embellishments, for some fairy tale enthusiasts, the storyline in the novel “Akhytirema” feels quite ordinary, despite its brilliant and unique concept. It is rumored that the thrilling and intriguing stories will only unfold in Volume 3, as many untold historical tales about planet Earth will emerge.

Personally, I am very curious because the history lessons taught in school cannot provide this kind of informative fairy tale. Even the historical records that occurred between 0 AD and the 10th century AD remain a mystery to us. The historical events that took place long before the AD era can only be speculated based on various artifacts and inscriptions scattered around the world. Even then, the truth is relative, depending on the interpretations of so-called history experts, not to mention the subjectivity of their interpretations, which are often influenced by political and personal interests.

However, what is most intriguing about this novel is its glossary, which seems to provide puzzle pieces of fairy tales intertwined with the backdrop of the world’s long history of civilization. I have come across many new terms that I have never encountered in history books at school, although these terms have not been unanimously accepted by historians.

Interestingly, this information is closely related to the explanations presented in the show “Ancient Aliens” on the History Channel. Both share mysteries that are astonishing yet logical and plausible. Personally, any science fiction writer would be delighted with the glossary of this novel, as it provides ample inspiration for creating captivating fairy tales.

The name “ARKHYTIREMA” was unfamiliar and unknown to the public before the release of this novel. However, Indonesian society is certainly familiar with the character Aki Tirem, known in folklore and legends by various names. The people of West Java refer to him as Aki Tirem or Eyang Wali Jangkung, the founder of the Salakanagara kingdom. The people of Java and Bali know him as Angling Dharma. According to this novel, Arkhytirema is the original name of Aki Tirem or Angling Dharma.

In this novel, it is told that ARKHYTIREMA has super abilities, more fantastical than the Angling Dharma show on television, more fantastic than just the ability to ride the wind around the world. This novel tells the intergalactic adventures from BARQHA to BARQHA. The story idea is similar to the Stargate series starring Richard Dean Anderson. The BARQHA principle in this novel is exactly the same as the STARGATE in that film.

In this novel, it is revealed that the super abilities possessed by Arkhytirema are actually the abilities of standard human ADHAMA, the abilities of a perfect human with 100% energy mastery. Even Arkhytirema’s abilities are still below the true abilities of Adhama. Perhaps this is what has never been told in the stories of Aki Tirem and Salakanagara that circulated in society before.

While we have often heard about the mystery of the lost Atlantis, it turns out that this Arkhytirema novel also provides puzzle pieces of answers to this mystery. Of course, the answers need to be verified for their accuracy, which may not necessarily align with the previous writings of self-proclaimed history experts. But isn’t it true that even the historical information provided by academic historians is not exact and may not be 100% accurate?

The story in this novel is indeed different from the script of the folk tale Wangsakerta, which states that Aki Tirem is the son of Ki Srengga, Ki Srengga is the son of Nyai Sariti Warawiri, Nyai Sariti Warawiri is the daughter of Sang Aki Bajulpakel, Aki Bajul pakel is the son of Aki Dungkul from Swarnabhumi (South Sumatra) who later settled in West Java, Aki Dungkul is the son of Ki Pawang Sawer, Ki Pawang Sawer is the son of Datuk Pawang Marga, Datuk Pawang Marga is the son of Ki Bagang who resides in Swarnabhumi to the north, Ki Bagang is the son of Datuk Waling who resides in Pulau Hujung Mendini, Datuk Waling is the son of Datuk Banda, who resides in a riverside hamlet, Datuk Banda is the son of Nesan, who comes from Langkasungka (Malay Land between Senggora (Songkhla) and Kelantan). Meanwhile, his ancestors come from the land of Yawana (Kingdom in West India) to the west.

In this novel, Arkhytirema is the child of AMNARUTA and BRINIRHA. The name Arkhytirema was given by RHAMIDAAR, the leader of the Lemurian civilization. The meaning of Arkhytirema is: ARK (ark), KHY (energy), TI (from), REM (the stopping of the 12 planets in one line), and A (child, commonly used by the KHAINA people to call a child). Arkhytirema’s superpowers are the result of genetic mutation caused by energy fluctuations in the RHEM process, which occurred 3 hours faster than predicted by the Lemurian civilization, due to the TARX civilization taking solar hydrogen for the sun cloning process on the planet KRAIRON.

The trilogy of Arkhytirema written by Dicky Zainal Arifin is indeed much more advanced than the stories of Angling Dharma that have been passed down from generation to generation in society. It is the adventure of Arkhytirema as he explores the universe spread across billions of galaxies in the universe. If you have ever seen the Stargate series starring Richard Dean Anderson, you will see a similar logic in the way Arkhytirema embarks on adventures from one place to another. The way Arkhytirema travels is similar to the Stargate movie. The difference is that in the Stargate movie, none of the characters have superpowers like Arkhytirema and the other characters who are allies and enemies of Arkhytirema himself.

Sophisticated nuclear technology was very commonly used in atomic technology in the era of ARKHYTIREMA, adventuring between galaxies from BARQHA to BARQHA, and Many weapons are now considered very sophisticated. In those days, there were already.

This book also tells about the existence of cloning technology in prehistoric times, ranging from what was done to humans and cloning animals to cloning the sun to make an artificial sun for life on Krairon Planet. One of the prehistoric cloned humans is ANUBIS, whose images are found in the pyramids of Ancient Egypt.

This book tells the adventures of ARKHYTIREMA and its relation to the history of human civilization:

From the birth process of ARHYTIREMA, various natural phenomena at birth, the technology used in the birth process, and so on.

  • The ARKHYTIREMA education process in PRODIMAAR, the LEMURIAN Nation education standard, differs from the education we are experiencing now, which adopts the MINNARA system.
  • The beginning of Achythema’s adventure from seeking ADHAMA,
  • ADHAMA has been tasked to clear the crisis of various nations on other planets in numerous galaxies, starting with the GORGOMA and BRODELLA crises.
  • Until finally sent as InterGalactic Ambassador of Peace.

Upcoming Novel Info on Arkhytirema:

Sure, here’s an improved version of the story in informal American English:

  1. Novel 2C is titled ETHEPHAKA. It tells the story of the formation of the Intergalactic Peace Force called ETHEPHAKA, led by Arkhytirema himself. It also follows Arkhytirema’s encounters with four beautiful and powerful princesses from four great kingdoms who had previously attacked him. Their names are Trendava, Almunroteph, Kalfrodumtra, and Flisualinitz. These four princesses, each ruling over different galaxies, try to win over Arkhytirema’s affection.
  2. Novel 3 is titled Ardh Grumma. It narrates the history of Earth, starting when Arkhytirema and the four princesses return to Earth. While Arkhytirema begins his mission to guide humanity, the four princesses plot and manipulate the humans by distributing deadly combat technologies. One of these technologies is called Strongga, which the people of Earth refer to as “Wesi Kuning.” Whoever possesses Wesi Kuning gains an incredible 70% cell acceleration, making them immensely powerful and easily capable of becoming a ruler. Wesi Kuning is a mixture of various supermetals with uranium. It is given by Ilfina, the princess of the Bropa Kingdom. Another princess, from the Tarx Kingdom, provides nanotech called Mirah Delima. The remaining princesses distribute high-energy stones like Clustonit and Gogonit to allied nations on Earth.
  3. Novel 4 tells the story of the War on Earth. As Arkhytirema embarks on his peace mission to various galaxies, Earth is left behind. During this time, the planet becomes a battleground, with the destructive weapons provided by the four princesses being used in a fierce conflict.
  4. Novel 5 revolves around Arkhytirema’s return to Earth and his efforts to rebuild the planet after it was devastated by the wars instigated by the four princesses. After the battles, the planet is partially reset or reconfigured by the Galactic Council through natural disasters, destroying a large portion of humanity. Once the reset is complete, Arkhytirema establishes the kingdom of Salaksanagara.