Developmental Stories of Various Nations in the World in the LEMURIAN Concept

Developmental Stories of Various Nations in the World in the LEMURIAN Concept


The LEMURIAN Nation is the race that ADHAMA first developed as another nation’s role model. A typical LEMURIA race is humble, often succumbs, has a high level of meaning, hard-working, like-minded, and is a nation of inventors, and has extremely sophisticated technology. At first, this nation was designed with the ability of 40% of real human abilities. This nation was initially assigned to fix ARDH GRUMMA after experiencing an empty phase that was very long after the fall of MAKHRA in 117 ORIGOM. After the earth was repaired, LEMURIAN Nation started to develop 2.5% along with other nations which were also 2.5%, such as RHAMA, KHAINNA, INDARRINA, NEGRIDA. This 2.5% ability is very sufficient to preserve the universe.

Blue Nation. One of the terms given to the LEMURIAN nation. Called “blue” because the energy emitted by the dominant LEMURIAN nation is sky blue. The color of the aura of the LEMURIAN nation tends to be sky blue, in accordance with ozone planet earth.


Atlantis is a nation of aggressors or invaders of other nations. They always attack the LEMURAN nation. The population is called ATLANTEAN. This nation cooperated with the RHAMA nation to colonize other nations. This nation records itself in history as a nation that is large, prosperous, dignified, highly intelligent, kind-hearted, beautiful and handsome, heroic in spirit, and all things are good. This nation also eliminates the discoveries of other nations, with the aim that the world community does not have the ability to think well.


The people of India and surrounding areas are descended from the RHAMA nation. The dangdut music that we know today comes from the Rhama Nation culture.


Nations that are white-skinned and slanted eyes, which are mostly set to use gross motor skills, so they are agile and skilled. they also have extraordinary tenacity and they are diligent in taking notes. This nation is usually called the Chinese nation. Koreans and Japanese are also descended from this Khainna nation.


A nation made in black, big, good sound, and strong strength for the area. This nation inhabits the African continent. But after the flood in the days of Noah, some were spread by ARHYTIREMA to the Continent of BORIGHINA and VAPVA


The LAMBHEKA nation was a cloned human race carried out by ADHAMA, as a thinker of the Greeks who had previously been ignorant and whose work was just having fun. The LAMBHEKA nation has a “breaking gene” like Aboriginal, meaning that if married to other ethnic groups, then the original gene will melt/disappear. All the things that came forward from the Greek Nation came from the LAMBHEKA Nation.

Plato is a mixed descendant between Greece and LAMBHEKA. These descendants married BHALLAMIN to become the present Jewish nation. Physically, the LAMBHEKA Nation is like the Greek Nation.


INDARRINA Is the first tribe domiciled in the American continent. Their skin is slightly reddish. They speak MANTURGA, their typical language. INDARRINA is what is now called the INDIAN nation, a nation which was persecuted by the descendants of ATLANTIS. This nation has a unique culture of worship and ritual. They like to name their children based on objects or events that appear, spontaneously when the child is born. For example a large tiger with fangs, clouds running around, one friend of five enemies, Dance With Wolf, and so on.



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