The Saga of the Queen Bee

Although the virtuosity of the workers is remarkable, the queen of bee is really the main story. Workers choose a few larvae to be queen, feeding them royal jelly, a substance rich in proteins and vitamins. While the queen is changing from a larva to a pupa, a team of workers builds a special cell for her. Soon the young queen hatches eats the prepared honey, and grow strong. After she kills any rivals who have the temerity  to challenge her, an enormous note is injected. She flies from the hive and mates with one or more drones on her first flight. Then the process of eggs laying begins. When her progeny saturate the hive, scouts are dispatched to find a new location, and the bee swarm after their leader to begin amazing cycle again.

  • virtuosity – keahlian
  • hatches- menetas
  • temerity- keberanian
  • enormous- besar sekali
  • drone- lebah jantan
  • progeny- keturunan, anak-anak
  • scout- pengintai, pencari
  • dispatced – diberangkatkan
  • swarm- berkerumun



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