The Decline of Mullins

Mullins sought solace in whiskey. Once a highly-respected aspirant for the lighweight crown, he now found himself associating with the dregs of  Skid Row. He would work himself into an alcoholic frenzy in which he would trumpet scurrilous atttacks on the champ, the old manager, and the judge. One avid fan attribute Mullin’s absence from the ring to sickness, saying that he was “recovering from a bad case of – SCOTCH.”

  • Solace – pelipur lara, penghiburan
  • once – segera sesudah
  • Aspirant – calo
  • Dregs – ampas, bagian paling tidak berharg
  • Skid row – perkampungan jembel
  • Frenzy – gila-gilaan
  • Trumpet – mengumumkan, mendeklarasika
  • Scurrious – kasar, kotor, tak senono
  • Avid – fanatik
  • Attribute – menghubung-hubungkan

Sample Sentences:

  1. Vigilant censors protect the public from listening to scurrilous language on television.
  2. The publisher scoffed at the reports that we was an aspirant for the job of secretary of State.
  3. In a frenzy, the housewife overturned every drawer while searching for the car keys.
  4. At the bottom of beautiful wine bottle, only the dregs remained.
  5. In trying to offer solace to the pilot’s wife, the reporter inadvertently made the situation worst.

Today’s idiom

To rule the roost – to be in charge, to be master.
Although he is a lowly private in the army, at home he rules the roost.

  • a roost is a perch (tenggeran burung) where domestic birds can sleep



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