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Reading Wisely

Reading Wisely

Ini dia hari pertama petualangan menaklukan Advanced English Vocabulary dari buku 1100 Words nya Murray Bromberg, Baron Educational Series. 

Sumber Bacaan

1st Week – 1st Day

A youngster who reads voraciously, though indiscriminately, does not necessarily gain in wisdom over the teenager who is more selective in his reading choices. A young man who has read the life story of every eminent athlete of the twentieth century, or a coed who has steeped herself in every social-protest novel she can get her hand on, may very well be learning all there is to know in a very limited area. But books are replete with many wonders that it is often discouraging to see bright young people limit their own experiences.

Sumber : Murray Bromberg, 1100 Words You Need to Know

  • Voracious –rakus
  • Voraciously – dengan rakus
  • Though – meskipun
  • Indiscriminately – tanpa pandang bulu
  • Eminent – terkenal, tenar
  • Coed – mahasiswi
  • Steeped – menenggelamkan
  • Replete – dipenuhi, dijejali


Welcome to your Reading Wisely

The football game was …. with excitement and great plays.
The … author received The Nobel Prize for literature.
My cousin is so ____________ in school work that his friends call him a bookworm.
After skiing, I find that I have a _________ appetite.
Modern warfare often results in the ___________ killing of combatants and innocent civiliant alike.



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