Reform Movement

In order to improve Ruritania’s financial position, an astute but parsimonious  treasurer was installed and given wide its feet by slashing all waste from its budget, dismantling King Andre’s sumptuous palaces, and firing all incompetents. In addition, Prince Schubert was able to get the United States to underwrite a substantial loan which would enable him to start a program of public works. Even so, Ruritania was still in desperate trouble.

  • astute- cerdik, cerdas, lihai
  • parsimonious- pelit, sangat hemat
  • slashing- cut (something) with a violent sweeping movement, typically using a knife or sword
  • dismantling- membongkar
  • sumptuous- mewah
  • underwrite- menanggung
  • desperate – menyedihkan



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